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    15 Dic 2006, 8:33

    Ahh yes, this year 2006, I have taken even larger steps in my permanent journey into the realms of , , , , and .

    I have been a for most of my young adult life and into my 20s and I don't see my interest in the music going away any time soon, especially if bands like Susperia, especially their cover of Wild Child(though I love all the bands material, Lamb of God, Blind Guardian, Behemoth, Avulsed, and etc. still keep making music.

    I also love traditional bands such as Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, and the like. Those bands are almost cliche, but they make powerful and often thunderous music. They say when you're a , you're in for life. I think that is a true statement.

    But I am also in other forms of music, some and stuff, like Tool, and others. But being a and being is often on the dark end of the spectrum, I am a person who craves alot of the dark side of music. In this, a search for another type of music to distract myself, I get lost in the dark rock and electronic genres.

    Three primary bands who helped my descent into this madness were Switchblade Symphony, Dead Can Dance, and Portishead. I am not so much on Switchblade, as the band have long broken up, but I have been known to pop in my very fucked up copy of Serpentine Gallery, to listen to songs like Dissolve or Wallflower.

    I also picked up on Dead Can Dance, who had some magnificent material, Lisa Gerrard's amazing voice combined amongst the samples, espcially off the Spiritchaser album, my favorite song to this day is still Song of the Dispossessed.

    Then there was Portishead. A very minimalist electronic artist, and one of the few bands who IMHO manage to get it right enough to make it work. Growng up in Detroit, where Techno was created, very few artists in the field can get minimalist music together for crime of it being boring. The only thing that can affect Portishead's ability to reach the masses is the vocals of Beth Gibbons. I ove her voice, but its not for everyone. But I heard the Portishead, and especially All Mine, and Only You, and I was hooked. They helped me get through my depression in High School many years ago, and now listening to the band actaully makes me feel happy. If that's a good thing you tell me. I still love their albums to this day and rumor has it the band are/ or will be returning to the studio soon to give us another magnificent piece of work.

    Delerium was also getting big around this time, being 1997, when Silence, was becoming a huge success, even though the band was unaware that it would still be a DJ club favorite 10 years later, with unbelieveable remix potential. Some of the mixes are astounding.

    Anyway, flash to right around 2005 when my wantingness for the Electro genre had come to its fullest potential. I realized there was no turning back and heading into 2006, I have realized that it is now a good portion of my life. I look to hearing new work from these bands as I do Metal bands.

    Still up with Dead Can Dance, Portishead, and now I can appreciate the following: Favorite Band - Song if possible

    In the Flat Field
    Dominion/Mother Russia
    The Cure - Adonais
    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities in Dust
    The Wake - Christine (Have fallen in obscurity, sorry)
    Christian Death - Halos
    In Shreds
    Corpus Delicti - Noxious(The Demon's Game)

    To be continued tomorrow.....