"Criminal Offence :X" PLAYLIST


22 Jun 2011, 23:17

This playlist is for the novel "Criminal Offence :X" (novel available online for free here). The playlist is also on 8tracks here. Take a listen if you want! If you haven't finished the book and actually want to read it SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Killers - Human I was listening to this when I got the idea for the novel. I just pictured a couple going through an emotional mess and yet, dancing gracefully. "Are we human or are we dancer?"

Lights - The Listening This is basically Dorothy's theme song. "When all of my emotion gets in the way, I'm just trying to get us on the right page."

Cool Hand Luke - Failing in Love This song fits into the novel melody-wise. The lyrics slightly foreshadow Eric's thoughts. "Would you tell me if you knew that I was dying? Some sort of parasite that got into my brain."

The Killers - This Is Your Life I referenced the Killers during a car ride scene so this was most likely the song playing. I also listened to this a lot when I wasn't writing. "Wait for something better, no one behind you, watching your shadow, this feeling won't go."

Anya Marina - Satellite Heart Dorothy's in a conflict about how she feels for her boyfriend and Eric. "What a pity, what a sham, what's the matter with your man?"

Innerpartysystem - Night Is Alive This song's a personal favorite (it's Innerpartysystem, c'mon). During the party, when Eric is having internal conflict and on a whim kidnaps Dorothy. "Time for resolution, time to make some quick decisions, she will never make it out alive. Cuz' all she has, is walking out, and this will change the rest of her life."

Straight Line Stitch - What You Do To Me Dorothy's internal conflict about Eric. "I need some kind of miracle to shake my from this confusion."

The Myriad - Holiest Of Thieves Every time I listen to this song it just brings me to when Dorothy meets Eric's friends at the park. "WHOA, HEY, STOP! Look around, look around are we the only ones crazy enough?"

Innerpartysystem - The Lovers Dancing This is the song I had in my mind when making the first, rough cover for this novel. They're on an abandoned railroad, hugging each other. "They are the lovers dancing, so hopeless and alone."

Inkwell - Pink?...No No...What About Whimsical? The thrilling first kiss is what this song made me think of. All this mess leading up to this point. "We talk too fast and move too slow, all I know is I can't do this anymore."

Norah Jones - December This song helped me breeze through the little intimate gathering at Eric's home. "December won't you come back with snow, even sun?"

Circa Survive - Stop the Fuckin' Car Someone posted this song on the Nanowrimo forums because someone else asked about songs for car accidents. Lyrics captured the idea perfectly. Win/win for me. "Don't stop talking to me, I haven't been listening."

Amy Grant - Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song) This is a Christmas song. The lyrics have nothing to do with the story, but the melody ohh, sad and beautiful. "Breath of heaven, hold me together be forever near me..."

Inkwell - why can't sometimes and always be friends I was surprised how well this track fit, even for the ending. I imagine Aaron talking to Dorothy, trying to help her has much as he can with what's happened. I could quote the entire song (it all fits) but this line stuck to me, representing everyone in the aftermath; "So here-here we are... are we all lost, and out of control?"


The XX - Crystalised


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