Britney Spears: Blackout


28 Oct 2007, 18:40

"Blackout", the appropriately titled fifth-studio album from Britney Spears, is a rhythmic dance record that will without a doubt surprise most listeners. The name fits perfectly. Britney, against the odds, has managed to blackout the personal dramas, all the media blitz, and harsh criticisms to create not only her strongest album, but also the best commercial pop album of the year. From start to finish, "Blackout" is a ride of pure enjoyment. The album does exactly what it needs to do: Draw attention back to Britney for her music.

The smash hit "Gimme More" opens the album with the now notorious line "It's Britney, Bitch" and indeed it is…back in true form no less. Britney chants the words 'gimme more' a number of times throughout the harmonious chorus, and she definitely delivers more throughout the rest of the album. The robotic jeer "Piece of Me" nonchalantly pokes fun at her fame, and lyrically shows Britney's sass along with her thick-skin. The blazing and hyped anthem "Hot as Fire" is a track that could have easily failed, but with Britney's unique vocal styling and carefree charm the song transforms into an addictive techno treat. Following the fun is "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)", producer Danja's creatively fierce piece that has an amazing beat, and allows Britney to raise the stance of erotic energy. Really tearing up the floor though is "Freakshow", an eerily delicious song with hot lyrics and a darkly sexual sound perfect for Halloween parties this time of year.

Not one song is bad, but most cynics would site that while "Blackout" may be club ready and fun, it lacks real artistic depth. This is true, and a fact that I won't deny, but with that said Britney's conscious decision to keep the album upbeat lies ironically in the most melancholy song of the album. "Why Should I Be Sad" is the finale that allows the listener to peer somewhat into Britney's turbulent marriage with Kevin Federline. Pharrell produced track is heartfelt and sorrowful, but it is not a pity party, in fact the song dignifies the entire album perfectly. The tone of not lingering to the past, having no regrets and moving on with life is vastly heard in "Why Should I Be Sad" and "Blackout" as a whole.

What's alluring about Britney's music is Britney Spears herself. While brilliantly crafted with the help of top-notch producers, it is in Britney's persona that gives the album spirit. Her aggressiveness and confident tension soar here, and it's easy to see why "Blackout" is perfect as it is: Fun, carefree, upbeat, and at times a little goofy. This is who Britney Spears is, always has been, and probably always will be. It's all about having a great time, and if we learned one thing about Britney over the past few years…it is that she knows how to have a great time.


  • BritneyFanFeva

    great review, thats what I was thinking!

    29 Oct 2007, 8:52
  • brand929

    Thanks, I'm glad you agree! =D

    29 Oct 2007, 13:23
  • dreamsequence

    This review is spot on. I agree with everything you said. Great job! :)

    22 Nov 2007, 2:24
  • brand929

    ^ Well yes and no. While the album's magic does happen because of input from the producers, people often forget and overlook the fact that Britney herself was Executive Producer of Blackout. Basically meaning that she put this ENTIRE album together by herself, without the input of her label or a manager. The album was crafted by producers, but it is still very much her vision and how she wanted it to sound. When I say lack of artistic dept, I'm speaking more in terms of her lyrics, but artistically, she is the one who made this album as good as it is.

    20 Mar 2008, 4:32
  • Talal86

    Blackout is perfect! it will always has a special place in my heart..

    27 Feb 2009, 1:39
  • Selena1995

    Blackout is my favorite Britney album

    14 Mar 2010, 17:11
  • AaliyahCarmela

    Blackout was the first album I could really say I loved from Britney and didn't mind letting people know it. I have to admit though that Circus threw Blackout into space, especially with Circus, Womanizer, If U Seek Amy, Kill The Lights, Unusual You, Shattered Glass, Out From Under, Blur & Mannequin. All a good follow on from Blackout.

    25 Abr 2010, 21:10
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