Soundtrack of my life.


24 Mar 2008, 20:21

Opening Credits: Europe Endless

Waking Up: Got Getting Up So Down

Average Day: Fortress

First Date: Please

Falling in Love: Between You and Me

Love Scene: Make Love

Fight Scene: Bastard Wants To Hit Me

Breaking Up: Quiche Lorraine

Getting Back Together: Happy Together

Secret Love: Passover

Life's Okay: Pyramid Song

Mental Breakdown: Idioteque

Driving: Behind the Wheel

Learning a Lesson: Non Photo-Blue

Deep Thought: Altibzz

Flashback: Insight

Partying: Party Out Of Bounds

Happy Dance: Numbers

Regretting: AFK

Long Night Alone: Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone

Death Scene: Still Light

Closing Credits: Memo To Human Resources


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