• Taxi, Taxi!

    27 Oct 2006, 0:37

    I just came home from the best live act I have experienced in a long time.

    Taxi, taxi!

    After the concert I was so...It was so fucking beautiful and I was just stuttering words like "beautiful" and "magic".

    Anything comming out of my mouth at that time just sounded ugly.

    I asked my friend:

    - Where did you find them? Are they two clones of some russian music geniuses?

    He just nodded. I kept looking at him...

    - Can you make more?

    ( Mentioning that they are twins, sixteen years old and fucking magically brilliant just makes me feel like a 55-year old dirty french culture bastard in a Houellebecq novel. I just won't do that. Not now. I can't. )
  • New York Concrete

    7 Abr 2006, 21:07

    Yesterday me and some friends walked into a bar in San Francisco, next to the Golden Gate park. A song by The Concretes was playing from the speakers. I sent a textmessage to Martin in the band to say hi... He was in Sheffield and was going on stage with the Concretes the same night. The next morning I got an SMS where he told me that they are going to tour the US for two weeks. As I will have left San Francisco by the 20th when they play here he invited me to come se them the 8th of May in New York where I am going with Chelsea. We will stay with Chelseas friends so it'll be good to take her to see some of mine...
  • All my neighbors were 17-year old swedish girls

    6 Mar 2006, 6:51

    I used to complain that last fm connected me to these 17-year old swedish girls. I figured I should make a check up on what has happened since then. Well, these are my neighbors:

    Fimpen: He says he is 30 yrs old, which very well could be the case looking at his music taste. He primarily listens to his old records it seems. Black GrapeSupergrassand Broder Daniel.

    SannaMari: Says she is a she and that she is 24 yrs old. She listens to Björk and leftist politopop band Doktor Kosmos - one of my big favourites. She is also a Laleh-fan...which is cool. I fell in love with Laleh at a feminist festival in Stockholm and then she ended up sleeping in the sofa at my ex-girlfriends place for a while... ...which has nothing to do with SannaMari, because I prefer writing about me, but I think she is Finnish.

    videoapelsin: 19yrs and pop. Very political at the top of his list with ImperietEbba Grön and Svenska Akademien... He likes Heartbeats which is fantastic but the José Gonzales version is actually my favourite, probably a bit more so because I am in San Francisco ( ).... yeah. I like him, seems like a good young person. I feel old. but oh well, he has probably been to way more festivals than me so, I suppose he is the one who should patronise me.

    RoteZora: I have a feeling this person is from Stockholm because all the bands on his/her list has played at the club Debaser. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

    WishPish: Well, Hannes, I understand that the computers connected us. But what is this thing about listening to Slayer all of a sudden? We don't listen to music like that. We don't like it. And what will the neighbours say? (I bet some brother or sister borrowed your computer.

    rak.scl: My only non-swedish neighbor at the moment. I am so greatful. Viva Chile Carajo!

    So, all my neighbors are no longer 17-year-old swedish girls. They are swedish and male. Interesting...or what ever.
  • Music Survey:

    21 Dic 2005, 23:27

    So everybodys done this, so why not me? Here goes:

    Go to your music player and fill this out for lots of amusement and time-killing.

    How many songs: 4806

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song:
    -Last Song:
    Østkantens Pøbelvelde

    Sort by time:
    -Shortest Song: Grisen (0:06)
    -Longest Song: Minstrel Boy (17:49)

    Sort by album:
    -First Song: Tumbling Down (of the album 'Til We're Dead)
    -Last Song: Život pocinje u 30-oj, fuck it... This is way too much work and says nothing about my taste in music... tells me nothing. I'll just waste my time in the normal way.
  • Stockholm

    20 Dic 2005, 21:26

    Ok people, I am now in Stockholm and am looking forward to hear and see some cool music. I have stayed out of the Stockholm-info-flow for a while so I need some tips... So, what do you think I should go for and why?
  • ...we just kept going

    16 Dic 2005, 1:30

    Me and Martin couldn't stop. As a matter of fact we just got even more into the mood:

    The Drugs Don't Work
    Love will tear us apart
    Blood Red River
    Rid of Me

    Then Martin went for a piss...
  • Current mood

    16 Dic 2005, 0:43

    ...I just left the christmasparty. Things are fucked up and I couldn't take all the happy fuckers any more. Came home and my roommate Martin came out of his room with his ex-girlfriend. He sat down next to me and we created the following list:

    Flesh and Blood
    First of the Gang to Die
    I Don't Know Why I Love You (It's time to get another lover...)
    Help The Aged
    Love Is Stronger Than Death

    Tomorrow I repaint my room... If I wasn't moving out I'd consider black but considering the guy moving in...
  • Which is a good punk band name?

    12 Dic 2005, 7:49

    Phnom Phen FM
    The Korean War FM
    Earsnibb FM
    Don't mind us
    Kindergarten FM
    Idiot FM
    Super Kindergarten
    Rave against the machine
    The tower of machines FM
    Pytt i panna
    You're gonna love it
    You gonna love it

  • All you people who don't have their real picture, age or sex on their pages are…

    12 Dic 2005, 1:02

    ...he Well, for some reason I always tend to expect something really bad. I don't really know how I feel about that reaction. How do you feel about it?
  • Rate me

    11 Dic 2005, 23:59

    I recently popped in on a discussion on the forum called "Indie sex". is a bunch of people who would listen to pretty much anything played at the indie rock club Debaser in Stockholm. (That is the easiest and quickest way for me to describe this group).

    The group and the club Debaser in stockholm has a 'lot better taste than I do. At the moment they seem to be defining good music taste in Stockholm, much more so than any critic, radiostation or magazine. Going to Debaser is pretty much like reading a music mag... you get to know what music is hot and what's not and you find out what swedish denim brand to check when out shopin'. ...for the past two(?) years it has been Cheap Monday. I am pretty shure most people in the group Indie Sex would like to go to Debaser and wear Cheap Monday jeans. And I am pretty convinced that all the 77 swedes in the group are frequently hanging out at Debaser... That is if: they are old enough, live in Stockholm, and IF they ever can get offline.

    The thing that caught my attention in the group was a discussion or "thread" called "Rate the above users music taste". There were 500 replies! Normally a thread is long if it has like 50 replies or a hundred. 500 is absolutely extra ordinary even though the group has some 2500 registered members. The discussion was pretty much along the lines:

    "Waow xNicknamex you just about the same bands on the top of your list as I do on mine!!! I give you a 8.5 I just don't like cocorosie that much..."

    People seemed to have gone amok over the whole thing. I suppose that it says something about the people here at (we are all exhibitionists to some extent). But it also says something about what attracts people to a discussion.

    Why is it so fucking interesting to get rated? to see if you belong? when some one gets totally dissed? I don't know. It just is.

    ...which reminds me. The one journal that has gotten the most comments is the one called "Why are all my neighbours 17-year-old swedish girls?". I think it was because the title attracted readers who were expecting some kind of lolita porn novels about young blondes. ...or because they were 17-year-old swedish girls and wanted to know what the fuck the text was about.... then there was the Kent-factor. From now on it is my motto: never write a journal entry without mentioning Kent. Why? Well, let's just see if some one reads this and then I can discuss it with you later.

    Well, now people, please:

    Rate me!
    Rate my music taste!
    Rate my picture!
    Rate my journals!
    Rate my age!
    Rate my statistics!
    Rate my glasses!
    Rate my language!
    Rate my latest song!
    Rate my name!
    Rate my neighbours!
    Rate my friends!

    Rate me. Rate me. Rate me and my friend...