Álbumes (3)

Temas (20)
Tema Álbum Duración Scrobblings
Bad Loli (Coming back to music making I should say that nevertheless I tried to do… 2:35 48
Barbieloligirl (Changing pitch and adding a compressor to a song and calling it a… 2:06 61
Beautiful Loli (Just replace every noun with "loli" to keep the style) 2:21 154
Captain... Loli! (Who else?) 2:55 75
Coco Loli (I started to add two compressors) 2:04 36
Cotton Eye Loli (Because I just can't do it) 2:02 138
Eins Zwei Loli (How to make these German guys sound like loli?) 1:41 29
Hakken Een Keurig Meid 2:32 33
Hardcore Feelings (Hardcore sex with a loli) 2:30 80
I Wanna Be A Keurig Meid 2:52 54
Klappus In Je Handjes, Karig Meid 2:12 68
Loli Crying In The Rain (Three compressors! Wheee~) 2:31 24
Loli Gaga 3:43 87
Lolitoons (I didn't even try to do something else) 1:59 124
Macarena (Loli) (I just didn't know what to do with this song title) 2:20 44
Scatloli (Actually I never browse /s/) 2:15 41
Shut Up, Loli (Or I will rip your puppy's belly and fill it with candies and cakies) 2:26 47
Stars Are Lolies 1:38 33
Superkeurigmeid 2:08 50
Take On Me, Loli 2:58 13