• The return of the Stench!

    7 Dic 2009, 13:50

    Sorry about that, I'll go get some deo or something. Nah, seriously, what I really mean is that Leicester's eclectic electronic arts bods Stench are back out and about for a fifth night in the fair city. Seeing as events seem to be broken at the mo (at least for something at a venue it doesn't already know about, anyway) I guess I'll just ramble on in this 'ere journal about it. This one's a collaboration with Myoptik's PVC clubnight and electronica collective The Centrifuge with sets from

    Mrs Jynx
    Roy of the Ravers

    ...and it's on Satruday 12 December at The Arts Organisation, which is at the site of the old Walkabout bar.

    'ere, 'ave a flyer:

    Can't wait!
  • Important Announcement

    31 May 2007, 22:34

    Baked Beans N Brown Sauce Is Wrong.

    It's almost as bad as that Irish movie where those guys put brown sauce in their tea, isn't it? Brown sauce is for pork products and pretty much nothing else innit.

    Oh yeah, err, music and stuff and that. Finally made a new track last night for the next Digital Vomit comp - bit of a departure for me seeing as it's actually over 2 minutes long and under 150 bpm, although it sounds just as irritating (if not more so) than the old stuff, no worries on that front. I really ought to force myself to sit there and just fiddle about more often, maybe then I'll start getting better...

    (I may have exaggerated the importance of this journal entry)
  • Two places at once?

    23 May 2007, 13:02

    Nah, I'm actually only going to day 3 of Download - maybe it'd be a good idea to split festivals up into one listing per day? On the other hand, maybe the listings are already chaotic enough...
  • That playlist thing is bobbins

    1 Abr 2007, 12:15

    ..I mean HOW S-L-O-O-O-W does it go when you're trying to reorder tracks? What pish. OK, it's probably partly my fault for being such an ADDtard, but c'mon...

    Pity really, as it's not a bad idea, just needed better execution.
  • Bloc Weekend

    30 Mar 2007, 23:37

    Kicked. Fucking. Ass.

    Any questions?
  • Damnit

    4 Mar 2007, 12:31's pissing it down out there and I have CDs to return to the library. I just wanna stay in and pump my fist in the air to Melvins, dudes and dudessez. And maybe have some soup. FUCK YEAH!
  • ISWYDT, Bloc Party..

    14 Feb 2007, 2:15

    So, I Still Remember comes on the radio earlier and I manage about a minute before I can no longer suppress the urge to yell "DEBAASSSERR!" over the top of it...or is that just me?
  • Is it possible...

    24 Sep 2006, 17:19 'sing' along to Max-era Sepultura without copying Max's accent, just a little bit? I'm not so sure it is.
  • OMG Vinyl pr0n!!!

    10 Sep 2006, 11:40


    I mean just look at it. No, not my entry-level, belt-drive turntable. I'm sure some of you audiophiles will be quietly seething over that, but I'm a man of modest means and needs.

    I should mention at some point that it does have music on it. It's the African Pirates remix 12". The Troubleman mix is a lovely modern take on Afrobeat, whilst JD73's is more of fusion-with 80s synths affair. Not stuff I listen to a great deal of, but very enjoyable from time to time. NoW are very good live, too.
  • Ah, the local cover band experience...

    9 Sep 2006, 23:02

    Right, firstly I'm not gonna rag on the guys, 'cos they weren't bad and are just doing what needs to be done in this kinda town, but I'm just gonna stick a couple of things in here just in case anyone in a rawk cover band happens to see this and is willing to take advice from somebody who can't play one tenth as well...

    Do not play Sweet Child O' Mine too fast. This is the thing that really inspired me to write this crap, 'cos it's certainly not the first time I've experienced this phenomenon. Why do bands rush this song? That bloody riff's hard enough as it is. It needs space to breathe, that song. Don't go fast and do not ever go rigid on it.

    And certainly don't play Ace Of Spades too slow! Don't worry about getting it right, just get it quick enough! If there's one song that ain't about technique, that's it. Just fucking go at it. It's Ace Of Spades, ferfux, if it starts dundundunderdundundundunduh, goes by in a whirl and then just goes DURRR DUR-DA DURRR DUR-DA! then you're about set I reckon.

    Tell you what, though, the evening's proceedings did inspire me to pull out me old 'Superfuzz Bigmuff' (steady on) and blast out Touch Me I'm Sick just 'cos it's what I felt I really needed. That was cool. uh-huh.