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  • VerbalImaginary

    And fuck what is with the beat in the last thirty seconds.

    15 Jul 8:01 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary - Boy, what a turn Madonna has taken. Her career has definitely had some interesting records and now it's just sad. The cameos by other, more relevant pop stars are a real giveaway that at this point she's just grasping for some kind of attention. Let's hope this is her last record because it's starting to poison my opinion of even her old stuff.

    15 Jul 7:59 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    Even as a pretty diehard metal fan I couldn't dig on DeathCrawl.

    14 Jun 4:23 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    12 Jun 17:24 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    After a lot of success with Electric Wizard, I'm gonna check out some more of the recent doom stuff like Bongripper.

    11 Jun 8:27 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    I've been listening to Siamese Dream incessantly recently. I'm sure you've seen this before but this show is a fucking treasure.

    6 Jun 4:04 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    Fuck the new Ghost song is out and it's fire.

    31 May 0:34 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    Damn, what a game.

    25 May 5:33 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    It's the best thing because it's so hard to explain the appeal of wrestling

    22 May 16:33 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    I absolutely love getting an outsider's opinion on wrestling.

    22 May 16:33 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    DId you get anything out of it? I've not actually seen this week's Raw as I always watch with my dad and Kriston on Sundays. I've heard that this episode is good though, the debut of Kevin Owens really excites me.

    22 May 7:58 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    I don't know if you're familiar with Deftones, but I've been listening to them a whole lot recently. They get lumped in with nu-metal a lot, but they meld a lot of different genres. Their style is rooted in the alternative metal style that was popular in the early 2000s but they also mix in hip hop and shoegaze and post rock. If you decide to check them out, try the album White Pony. :)

    18 May 4:38 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    Yes! I've always wanted to play that game, Tony Hawk 2 is my favorite in the series and I always though the update looked great. As for THX-1138 it's been on my IMDB watchlist for a really long time. I'm a big huge dumb Star Wars fan and wanted to check it out if for no other reason than George Lucas made it. There are copies of the original floating around out there, I don't think it's been changed as much as Star Wars, luckily.

    2 May 1:08 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    This is the closest I've felt so far to The Year™ being upon us. They've at least got a solid record so far and I'm really happy that they claimed their first ever sweep. Also the Cavs are kind of killing it!

    27 Abr 15:04 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    I figure you're definitely the guy to go to when asking for recommendations in that genre. Especially since you know what my charts are like. If you ever want metal recommendations in any subgenre, let me know, I'll hook you up. :)

    8 Abr 18:01 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    Oh man, Eyes Wide Shut is in my top three movies ever, Whirr's Distressor uses samples from it and the cover is a still from it? Perfect.

    8 Abr 8:22 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    What would you recommend in the world of shoegaze? I've been checking some stuff out and I'm not so much into the dream pop side of the style, more into the amp worship, "Only Shallow", intense style.

    6 Abr 4:42 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    I'll start with Houdini and Lysol and check out Stoner Witch. Stoner Witch is the one I hear about a lot.

    5 Abr 5:00 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    Man, Die Hard! What a great movie.

    2 Abr 18:20 Responder
  • VerbalImaginary

    Yeah, man! I saw that on Reddit yesterday, Flatlander leaked the details on the tour.

    25 Mar 20:18 Responder
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