Stuff I should listen to more / Albums I need to buy


22 Nov 2009, 14:12

Spring break is coming up, guys. Meaning, I will spend the next week watching anime, skiing, and above all, listening to music. There's a lot of music in my library that I still haven't properly listened to yet, or should listen to more considering how much I like it, and I'm going to make use of spring break to do so.
Stuff I still need to listen to more carefully:
Limited Express (has gone?)
Fire In The Head
Lacrimas Profundere
Bark Psychosis

Stuff I need to listen to more:
Melt-Banana (Speak Squeak Creak)
World's End Girlfriend
Alien Sex Fiend
Beati Mortui
Bleeding Nature

Albums I need to buy on CD:
Assassi-nation - 2 Bullet
Strain - Flesh Field
P O L A R I S - Exxasens
farewell kingdom - World's End Girlfriend
Kore Ga Mayaku Da - Afrirampo

There's also my list of bands to check out, most of which have gone un-checked out:


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