• Dope Producers

    5 Sep 2008, 15:17

    If you are a "Instrumental Junkie" like myself I have 2 Producers to recommend. Some of you, may already be on to them, some of you may not.

    The ARE - Still Climbing ( Free Download)

    Russell "The ARE" Gonzalez, former member of K-Otix, has been on the grind since '91. He has release several mixtape featuring his own beats (Still Climbing, Dem Damb Jacksons & Manipulated Marauders). He also has a group project with his close friend and fellow Houston resident, Kay of the Foundation, entitled "Together Brothers". His talents have landed him a position as an official member of the Trackmasters. For more information on The Are, check out

    Thes One - Lifestyle Marketing ( Buy )

    Thes One (born Christopher Portugal in Lima, Peru, 1977) is one half of the alternative hip hop duo
    People Under the Stairs. An MC and producer, Thes One is recognized for his eclectic and diverse range of beats. He has produced the majority of People Under the Stairs albums. A crate digger by choice, Thes One, has chosen to shirked digital beatsmithing and is constantly looking for old wax to inspire his next beat. In March 2007, he released his debut solo album Lifestyle Marketing. It is a 2-disc album of instrumentals made from Herb Pilhofer's Music That Works, a demonstration album originally released in the early 1970s that showcased Pilhofer's musical compositions for radio & TV commercials, industrial films, and other projects. For more information on Thes One, check out P.U.T.S Online

    These albums are both well worth it. Let me know what you think.
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  • And this goes for you

    3 Abr 2007, 21:30


    April 13th, Be there or be Square.
  • The Roots, Little Brother and Lupe Fiasco... Part 2

    14 Mar 2007, 5:05

    Sorry for the delay... it just took me this long to come down off the high.

    It was one of the best dam shows, matter fact it was the best hip hop show I've ever had the pleasure to attend. I was kinda upset cause Little Brother only got to perform 4 tracks... but then Lupe Fiasco came and crushed it. But then..... whewwwwwww weeeee.... at the end of Lupe set... he introduced The Roots.... and they came walking through the audience. NO bungee jumpin' from the ceiling. NO flying in on a scaffold. No shooting out of the secret door on the stage. The walked in lined up on the stage... continued to play for a couple more seconds and then everyone went to the respective spots... and they rocked out for damn near 2 straight hours. They performed mostly songs from "Game Theory". They also did a tribute to James Brown and medley of like 20 different rap and hip hop songs. The Roots killed it... tickets were $50... but I felt like I owed them at the end of the show. Actually it got to the point where people honestly wanted them to stop but they kept going and going.

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  • The Roots, Little Brother & Lupe Fiasco

    8 Mar 2007, 20:08

    Its only fitting that I start of this journal on the day that I will see The Roots, live in concert for the first time. Okay, my homeboy D.Cire mentioned that The Roots and Lupe Fiasco were coming to town, so I rallied the troops. While I was sending out the smoke signals, Dre enlightened me to the fact that Little Brother would also be there. I was already amped with just The Roots and Lupe, but then you add Little Brother, and then just pushes it right over the top. So Dre put the hammer down and copped the tickets 3 weeks ago, Big Ups, Dre.

    I think everyone, thats going, has a personal favorite that they are most looking forward to seeing, but I think I'm pretty much the biggest LB fan in the crew. They are a damn entertaining group. I caught them last year at Sonar. They were opening for Dilated Peoples. In any other state... that may have been a good idea... but Baltimore is "LB Country".

    I'll hit you all with a follow up after the show.

    T-Minus: 4hrs 30mins