• My Musical Eclecticity Score 230809

    23 Ago 2009, 14:57

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 91 related artists for my profile are Alexandra Burke, Amy Studt, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Anna Nalick (2), Ashlee Simpson, Ben Harper, Beyoncé, Brooke White, Busted, Camera Obscura, Carly Smithson, Carrie Underwood (3), Charlotte Martin, Christina Aguilera, Corrinne May, Danny Jones, Dar Williams, David Archuleta, Donavon Frankenreiter, Electrico, F.I.R., Forgive Durden, Gloriana, Holly Brook, Jars of Clay, Jason Mraz, Jennifer Knapp, Jessica Harp, Joanna Wang, John Mayer, Jordin Sparks, Julianne Hough, Kate Nash, Kate Voegele (2), Katharine McPhee (2), Kellie Pickler (2), Kelly Clarkson (3), Kristy Lee Cook (2), Leigh Nash, Leona Lewis, Lucie Silvas, Lucky Soul, Mandy Moore, Mariah Carey, Marié Digby, Martina McBride, Matt Costa, Matt Wertz, Matt Willis, McFly & Busted, Meiko, Michelle Branch, Miranda Lambert, Natalie Imbruglia, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, Pitty, Plumb, Priscilla Ahn, Rachael Sage, Rachael Yamagata, Ramiele Malubay, Sandi Thom, Schuyler Fisk, Skye Sweetnam, Son of Dork, The Academy Is..., The Cab, The Indelicates, The Long Blondes, The Veronicas, The Wreckers, This Providence, Tizzy Bac, Vanessa Carlton, Vienna Teng, chikezie, 周定緯, 周杰倫, 張懸, 張韶涵, 楊丞琳, 楊宗緯, 潘裕文, 盧廣仲, 蔡依林, 蔡健雅, 蔡淳佳, 蕭敬騰, 蘇打綠, 郭靜

    wow. compared to my 73 2 years ago. haha.
  • Jordin Sparks new single - Tattoo (:

    31 Ago 2007, 12:37

    Sorry if this came a bit late. hehe.

    Our girl Jordin is back with a new single named Tattoo.
    Amidst all the tours she's doing and her busy schedule, Jordin managed to record this and its out.

    This song has a catchy beat to it, similar to that of Beyonce's Irreplaceable as many would say, but i would say it might just last longer than that. This song literally grows on people. It makes you want to sit down and listen to it, over and over and over and over and over again.

    The song was produced by Stargate, who have written songs for Ne-Yo, Beyonce, Shakira, and Elliott Yamin. The song was co-written by Amanda Ghost, who co-wrote James Blunt's You're Beautiful and Beautiful Liar by Beyoncé and Shakira.

    It talks about leaving and ending an relationship. The persona has gotten over it and says that she wants to live up to every moment; never wasting another second thinking about the already-ended relationship. She was hurt, but she learnt from the relationship. Though she has left it behind her, she still has it etched to her heart like a tattoo; thus the title of this track. She has no hard feelings. The persona just keeps it as a memory. Just like an tattoo.

    Though it may be similar to irreplaceable, it still stands out with a different tune and melody, and with the feel and soul of Jordin's groovy voice. Jordin's husky, crunchy and "it" voice further enhances this song. It is delivered and managed throughly with skill, despite this lass' singing this at the age of 18.

    It is more than Nice. One thing's for sure, its gonna do real good. (:

    I would rate this song a 4.5 out of 5.

    Not sure where the last 0.5 went to though.

    Oh, by the way, if you didn't get it, you can download it off here!


    Jordin Sparks
  • Top 4 Boogie-ing with Barry Gibb :D

    12 May 2007, 4:49

    Finally Top 4 night! This week, they sing songs from Beegee's Barry Gibb! Being mentored by the legend himself, how did they actually do?

    Melinda Doolittle

    1st Song: Love You Inside Out
    I thought it was ok. It was sung with good vocals as usual Melinda-styled. It was relatively enjoyable, but, I thought it felt very safe and she could have done better. Overall, not "wow" enough.

    2nd Song: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
    It was nice, calm and soothing. It started a tad boring, but the bridge and ending was moving. I as "touched". And oh, I don;t know why but I felt like swaying thoughout this song. xD

    Overall Performance Rating(OPR): 7.5/10

    Blake Lewis

    1st Song: You Should Be Dancin'
    I thought he had a nice falsetto singing this song. It was certainly entertaining with all the moves and beat-boxing and his cute face(Note: Soft Spot), but come again, its a singing competition. Plus, I thought he beat-boxed better than he sang. Defeats the purpose of American Idol.

    2nd Song: This Is The Danger Zone
    The performance was so-so. Ok fine. It was a little boring. What's new. Beat-boxing again. Sighs. Overrated and overused my lad! If he continues like that, he's gonna be known for beat-boxing. Singing? Nada. He's not gonna make it into the finals like this anyways. :|

    OPR: 6/10

    LaKisha Jones

    1st Song: Stayin' Alive
    Ok, first something I have always wanted to say about LaKisha that was always there and it was something none other contestant could do as good as her. She dressed like a diva, walked out like a diva and moved like a diva! Wham! She has great stage prescence. Unfortunately, other than that, it was a lil boring. Had a nice song arrangement though. :)

    2nd Song: Run to Me
    I personally thought she sang it very emotionally. She has a appropriate approach to the song and it made me "felt" the song. It was fairly good. but I must say, the 2nd half of the song brought it to a higher level.

    OPR: 6.5/10

    Jordin Sparks

    1st Song: To Love Somebody
    She looked great, sang great and was the best so far in the round of 1st songs. I could feel the song through her singing plus it made me smileeeee while watching. :D Despite all these, I still felt that jordin could have done a lil better though this was already great. Oh well. Great singers have high expectations! :D

    2nd Song: Woman In Love
    She started it well and carried on with the song with her delightful vocals :D It had a "touch" to it and it was certainly up to standards. A hundred percent enjoyable. :D

    OPR: 8.5/10 </3

    All in all, I still thought Boogie/Disco night was kinda horrible for the contestants. Haha. None of them did really really well, but Jordin was quite close though.
    Jordin proved her singing chops and reserved a spot in the finals, together with the consistant Melinda.
    Blake is getting stale ad I thought he should be out rather than LaKisha, but, oh well. Blake has far too big a fanbase than LaKisha. Both of them are gonna go out within this 2 weeks anyway.
    If LaKisha stayed, I could have seen more Diva and hear more (assumingly) great performances. While on the other hand, now I can see more of Blake's cute face and some of that beat-boxing for another week.

    Oh well, now my dream of a all female top 3 armsrace is gone.

    Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones and Blake Lewis. Mentored by Barry Gibb

    Love You Inside Out, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
    You Should Be Dancin', This Is The Danger Zone
    Stayin' Alive, Run To Me
    To Love Somebody, woman in love
  • blabbers' (my) musical eclecticity score! :D

    8 May 2007, 10:52

    Here it goes! :)

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 73 related artists for my profile are Alanis Morissette Ashlee Simpson Avril Lavigne Banky Beyoncé (4) Bobby Tinsley Britney Spears (3) Busted Carrie Underwood (2) Chris Daughtry Chris Sligh Christina Aguilera (5) Ciara Coldplay Daniel D Daughtry Feat. Slash Daughtry featuring Slash Destiny's Child (3) Dierks Bentley Eddie Butler Evanescence Faith Hill Fightstar Girls Aloud (2) Green Day (2) Gwen Stefani Hinder Jason Aldean Jennifer Lopez Jessica Harp Jessica Simpson Jewel John Legend John Mayer Jordin Sparks Justin Timberlake (2) Katharine McPhee Keith Urban Kelly Clarkson (3) KT Tunstall (2) LaKisha Jones (2) Lily Allen Mandy Moore Mariah Carey (2) Mario Barrett Martina McBride Matt Willis Melinda Doolittle Michelle Branch (2) Nelly Furtado (2) Nirvana Phil Stacey Polina Smolova Rascal Flatts (3) Red Hot Chili Peppers Rihanna (2) Rosette Sabrina Sloan (2) Sandi Thom Sandra Oxenryd Sarah McLachlan Sheryl Crow Sidsel Ben Semmane Six4one Son of Dork Stephanie Edwards (2) Sugababes Sugarland System of a Down The Feeling Tim McGraw Tyler Hilton Vanessa Carlton

    really smart to think of this :D
  • Top 6 Performance - Rock Night :D

    4 May 2007, 10:50

    Rock Night - Mentored by Bon Jovi

    Melinda Dolittle - Have A Nice Day
    Actually, I thought only Melinda's performance was worthy of an A. It was very good and I'm starting to like her more and more and I think its gonna be a tuogh fight between her and our girl Jordin.

    Jordin Sparks - Living On A Prayer
    Jordin was about a B. It was not terrific, but I enjoyed it. Well, I think she has been singing outstandingly well for the past few weeks, people would automatically make comparison and expect her to do better. Oh well. I still loved it.

    Chris Richardson - Wanted Dead or Alive
    Phil Stacey - Blaze of Glory
    Chris and Phil ones were ok I thought, with Blake slightly better. I thought they were not really that enjoyable, but still worth watching/listening.

    Blake Lewis - You Give Love a Bad Name
    Blake's one was kinda ok. But seriously, what do you remember from his performance? Only the beat-boxing. The Performance was enjoyable, but the singing was forgettable.

    LaKisha Jones - This Ain't A Love Song
    Lakisha is still trying a little too hard. It was so-so enjoyable. I still think its not the "IT" for her. No breakthrough = same old powerhouse thing. This weeks was slightly better than her past few performances, as she channelled soul in it, her performance could have taken her to Top 5, but unfortunately girl, American Idol's kicking 2 this week. So too bad!

    Phil was kinda expected to go home, he might have vocals good enough for top 4, but not the personality i think. He doens't have the whole package. People would not tend to remember him. But he can go country for sure!

    It was kinda unexpected for Chris to be out. He was meant to be out at top 4 week, or if he gave a out-do Blake performance, he could squeeze into top 3. But no, he still went out. Oh well.

    Lakisha Jones was supposed to take Chris' place to go, but I guess Simon's kiss and the judges comments saved her.

    Oh whatever. As long as its not Jordin! :D
    Its like time's going past so quickly and its top 4 next week!

    Very soon our girl Jordin would be battling it out for American Idol 6 with Melinda! :)

    Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones, Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, Bon Jovi

    Have A Nice Day, Living On A Prayer, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Blaze Of Glory, You Give Love A Bad Name, This Ain't A Love Song

    Fremantle Media
  • Jordin Sparks Video Collage

    28 Abr 2007, 14:41

    Here's a video collage of Jordin! There's her appearances on American Idol and some other misc. videos.
    They're sorted according to date, bring the latest video on top.
    I'll update them when the latest one comes. Enjoy! :D

    Jordin's Top 6 Performance - Living On A Prayer

    Jordin's Top 6 Performance - You'll Never Walk Alone

    Jordin's Top 7 Performance - A Broken Wing

    Jordin's Top 8 Performance - Rhythm is Gonna Get You

    Jordin's Top 9 Performance - On A Clear Day

    Jordin's Top 10 Performance - Hey Baby

    Jordin's Top 11 Performance - I Who Have Nothing

    Jordin's Top 12 Performance - If We Hold On Together

    Jordin's Top 16 Performance - Heartbreaker

    Jordin's Top 20 Performance - Reflection

    Jordin's Top 24 Performance - Give Me One Reason

    Jordin making Top 24

    Jordin's Audition

    Jordin Sparks live at Ironwood High School (With a bit of American Idol infront)

    Jordin singing Star-Spangled Banner

    Jordin Sparks
  • Top 6 Performance - Inspirational Songs Week -> What do you think?

    25 Abr 2007, 13:36

    It was Inspirational Songs week last night. The 6 idols left get to choose songs in their idea of what touches and inspires them. Also, this week was the first without a mentor.

    Well, here are some of my thoughts of the performance.

    Chris Richardson
    He sang: Change the World by Eric Clapton
    - It was fairly good.
    - Almost pitch perfect.
    - But I thought it lacked something, like a "touch".

    Melinda Doolittle
    She sang: There Will Come a Day by Faith Hill
    - There was a "touch". More of a "feel" actually.
    - Engaging
    - Good Performance, or rather, one of the best that night.

    Phil Stacey
    He sang: The Change - Garth Brooks
    - Touching
    - But I thought he lost some of the touch along the song
    - Still think its quite average as compared to the others' performances
    - And what was with the "Everybody vote" part at the end of the performance? Haha. Shows lack of confidence.

    LaKisha Jones
    She sang: I Believe by Fantasia Barrino
    - Fairly good
    - Enjoyable
    - Definitely better than last week.
    - But still not the "IT" for her

    Blake Lewis
    He Sang: Imagine - John Lennon
    - A wee bit touching
    - I personally thought it was a wrong song choice
    - Ok, fine. I thought it was boring.

    Jordin Sparks
    She sang: You'll Never Walk Alone by Frank Sinatra
    - There's a "touch", and a "feel"
    - Very emotional
    - Good voice control
    - A really good and consistent performance.

    Thats all I thought of the show. Agree or disagree? Its up to you! :D

    what do YOU think?

    Jordin Sparks, Chris Richardson, Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones, Phil Stacey, Blake Lewis

    Change The World, You'll Never Walk Alone, There Will Come A Day, The Change, I Believe, Imagine

    , ,
  • Jordin Sparks' Biography. (So far)

    25 Abr 2007, 13:26

    Jordin Brianna Sparks (born December 22, 1989) is an American actress, model and American Idol finalist.

    Early life
    Jordin Sparks was born in Staten Island, New York to Phoenix, Arizona-native Jodi Wiedmann and Phillippi Sparks, a former NFL football player for the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. Her father is African American and her mother is Caucasian. She has a younger brother called PJ (Phillippi Sparks, Jr). Sparks is managed by her maternal grandmother, Pam Wiedmann. Her aunt Shari is an actress & model. Sparks is currently homeschooled. She is a fan of football, reading, and music. Sparks is a Christian and often performs at Calvary Community Church and has been singing since she was 18 months old. She is a resident of Glendale, Arizona.

    Sparks appeared on the January 17, 2007 broadcast of American Idol, earning a "gold ticket" and the right to appear in the Hollywood Round. American Idol judge Randy Jackson, made the offhand prediction that "Curly hair will win this year," which may have been made in reference to Sparks. Before going on to AI, she won Arizona Idol.

    In 2006, Sparks was one of two winners who won the Phoenix Torrid search for the "Next Plus Size Model". She was flown to California where she was used in a number of Torrid ads and promotional pieces. A full-page ad for Torrid featuring Jordin ran in the December, 2006 issue of Seventeen magazine.

    Sparks finished second in 2004 at the Music in the Rockies national competition for aspiring Contemporary Christian Music artists.

    In 2004, Sparks appeared in America's Most Talented Kids twice, winning in her first appearance. She was one of seven to appear in a special championship edition of the show. This appearance followed two noted auditions in 2003, one with American Juniors and the other, Star Search.

    Sparks has performed the national anthem at various sporting events, notably for the Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. She has also sung in such events as Country Thunder, a country music venue. She has appeared with Alice Cooper (in his 2004 Christmas show) and has twice toured with Christian contemporary singer Michael W. Smith. Smith has shown support of Sparks by encouraging Idol viewers to vote for her on his website.

    In 2003, at the age of thirteen, Sparks recorded a five-song album titled For Now, working with Matthew Ward, a legendary Christian music artist, and Gary Leach, an engineer who has worked on several of LeAnn Rimes' albums. She appeared in a compilation album titled Live at Mr. Lucky's in 2004.

    As an actress, Sparks has appeared in several plays, recently starring in a dual role as characters Deborah and Bea in Magdalene at the Plumbline Theater in Franklin, Tennessee. She's also performed several times with Vaudeville Youth Theatre Company and Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix. Her first appearance was in March 2002 as an Emerald City dancer and as a poppy in The Wiz. She also appeared in VYT's production of Cinderella in June 2002 and another production of The Wiz in August 2002.

    American Idol
    Sparks received a trip to the Seattle, Washington auditions of American Idol (season 6) upon her win of the Fox 10 KSAZ "Arizona Idol" contest.

    She was featured in the audition episode shown on January 17, 2007 singing the Celine Dion hit "Because You Loved Me." Simon Cowell criticized her for "being too cute," but the judges were impressed with her overall, sending her on to the Hollywood rounds of the show.

    On the February 21, 2007 broadcast, (top 24 contestants) she performed "Give Me One Reason", a song written and performed by Tracy Chapman in 1995.

    On the February 28, 2007 broadcast (top 20 contestants) she performed "Reflection", written and produced by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, and originally performed by Christina Aguilera and Lea Salonga in the movie Mulan in 1998.

    On the March 7, 2007 broadcast, she performed "Heartbreaker", originally performed by Pat Benatar in 1979.

    On the March 13, 2007 broadcast, (top 12 contestants) she performed "If We Hold On Together" by Diana Ross, from the Land Before Time series. She and the other top twelve contestants were mentored by Diana Ross. Both judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell said that she made it a three girl race to win Idol along with Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle.

    The following week, she sang "I (Who Have Nothing)", first made popular by Ben E. King in 1963, and also recorded by Shirley Bassey (reached #6 in the U.K.) and Tom Jones (reached #14 in the U.S.). She and the other top eleven female contestants were mentored by Lulu. A reviewer on called her performance "powerful" and "passionate," and ranked it in the top-20 Idol performances of all time.

    On the March 27th edition of the show, Sparks performed "Hey Baby", originally performed by ska band No Doubt.

    On the Top 9 show(April 4th), she sang "On A Clear Day." She was announced the following night as being in the top 3.

    On the Top 8 show(April 10th), she sang "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You", originally by Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine. Jennifer Lopez was the mentor for the Latin Pop theme week.

    On the Top 7 show (April 17th), she sang "A Broken Wing", originally by Martina McBride, who was the mentor for Country week. Simon said, "Based on that performance, you could win American Idol."

    On the Top 6 show (April 24th) Jordin dominated the show by singing "You Will Never Walk Alone." Judge Randy Jackson said “I think that’s one of the best vocals by any contestant ever on this show, ever in six seasons, and it’s from someone that’s seventeen years old.”

    As of April 18th, she and fellow contestant Melinda Doolittle are the only two finalists to have never been in the bottom three this season.


    For Now (2003)
    (As of 2007, a second album is in development but has been put on hold due to her time on American Idol, and if she wins, it will be dropped since she will be signed to a major label)

    Compilation albums
    Live at Mr. Lucky's (2004)

    On Sparks' website, new songs have been released, three of which have been co-written with Gary Leach.

    "The Inside"
    "When The Pain Goes Away"
    "Just Me"
    "Give Me One Reason"

    A list of awards and honors that Jordin Sparks has received on course of her career.

    Coca Cola Rising Star 2002
    - Family Night Talent Show Five-time 1st Place Finals
    - Winner at Mr. Lucky's in Glendale, Arizona, 2003
    - Glendale Youth Fest 2003: Teen Talent Show, 1st Place
    - GMA (Gospel Music Association) Academy, Washington, D.C., Overall Spotlight Winner & Country/Southern Gospel First Place Winner, 2004
    - Country Thunder Young Guns Second Place Winner, 2004
    - The Proof Is In The Pudding Talent Winner, Phoenix, Arizona, 2004
    - PAX TV/America’s Most Talented Kids, 2005
    - Colgate Country Showdown, Arizona state title, 2006.
    - Runner-up in the 2007 Drug Free AZ Superstar Search. [Tempe, Arizona}
    - Plus-size model search winner for Torrid
    - American Idol Top 12 Finalist

    Jordin Sparks
    For Now
    The Inside, When The Pain Goes Away, Just Me, Crazy, Give Me One Reason, Reflection