• Top 10

    31 Jul 2006, 5:16

    These are my top ten artists-
    1. Dave Matthews Band
    2. Pink Floyd
    3. Elliott Smith
    4. The Doobie Brothers
    5. The All-American Rejects
    6. Phish
    7. Breaking Benjamin
    8. Stone Temple Pilots
    9. Beck
    10. Boston

    Ok now you say your favorite song by the artist, fav album then why you like them

    1. Dave Matthews Band- #41; Before These Crowded Streets; These guys can jam forever and make perfect music every time.

    2. Pink Floyd- Hey You; The Wall; This band has been rockin for a long time and pretty much any song they make is unique and interesting, they are the definition of progresive and thats why they are the greatest band of all time.

    3. Elliott Smith- Rose Parade; Either/Or; This is the definition of an artist. He made excellent beautiful music until he died. R.I.P.

    4. The Doobie Brothers- On Every Corner; Sibling Rivalry; There the doobies what can you really say?

    5. The All-American Rejects- Time Stands Still; The All-American Rejects; I accidently left this artist on repeat over night but i still think there o.k. but they are not deserving of #5 in my opion based on my taste. Sorry

    6. Phish- Heavy Things; Farmhouse; I just found these guys thanks to and think that they are great, good vocals, i dont really like the lyrics but i think that the instruments are excellent, and they remind me of the Grateful Dead

    7. Breaking Benjamin- Sooner or Later; We Are Not Alone; This music pumps me up!

    8. Stone Temple Pilots- Lady Picture Show; Thank You; This band doesn't have an original sound. And thats why i love them, they sound like other good bands but they make such good music its wierd.

    9. Beck- Girl; Guerro; This is the artist from back in my indie days (towards the end of them thats why hes on my charts) and at one time he was my hero along with modest mouse, the shins, arcade fire, the decemberists and many more, but now him and others have faded away as my music tastes have changed, but i will not forget my indie roots.

    10. Boston- Foreplay/Long Time; Greatest Hits; How many people wanna shoot me for this? Idk but i still like these guys and think that they should have made more music.

    Wow that was cool
  • The Shins

    31 Jul 2006, 4:54

    I was wondering if anyone on here had any idea about The Shins new album and what is going on with them. I would appreciate any feedback thank you
  • Dave Matthews Band+Pink Floyd=?

    31 Jul 2006, 4:24

    So most of the people i talk to consider Pink Floyd and Dave Matthews Band polar opposites but yet alot of peoples charts on here reflect that they are like me and think that both are really good and have some similarities, idk whats other peoples oppinions?
  • Music Journal A-Z

    31 Jul 2006, 4:20

    A-Arcade Fire; B-Bob Dylan; C-Cake; D-Dave Matthews Band; E-Elliott Smith; F-Franz Ferdinand; G-Gov't Mule; H-Hoobastank; I-Interpol; J-Jack Johnson; K-Keane; L-Laundrymatt Pimps; M-Modest Mouse; N-Nine Inch Nails; O-Oasis; P-Pink Floyd; Q-Queen; R- Red Hot Chili Peppers; S- Smashing Pumpkins T-Trapt; U-U2; V-Vertical Horizon; W-Wallflowers; X-Xzibit; Y-Yellow Card; Z-Zebra Beatdown

    Whew i have an artist for each one hooray!