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27 Sep 2006, 13:44

Those of you who are allergic to paragraphs of text can go below for the pretty pictures

Although I love doing it, I haven't been much inspired to write journals lately, mainly because has exceeeded my expectations and I finally have an established network of "friends" through which we exchange recommendations. Strangely enough, though, I have a tendency to be more responsive to the immediacy of the shoutbox rather thank actually going to my recommended radio. Don't get me wrong,

recommended radio is a GREAT function, but it's social application is nearly non-existant: it's like someone slipped an envelope under your hotel room door and walked away.

The journal entry is still going to be long, though, and in the era of bloggin and short but effective 20 second videos, I will still not bend to the increasing speed of our NorthAm society. There still is something that note many people are acknowledging until they live something like a full-on burn out, sometimes you need to TAKE THE TIME to do things, whether it's a warm bath or an intimidating spread in a newspaper (or dirty magazine). Dirty is good.

Are you still there? Whatever. Fuck you.

BIG Thanks to my immediate network, really, you guys are great. At first, we may all appear as a bunch of gawking shoutboxing geeks [which we kind of are] who just strive to get attention with a convulsing "thumbs up" to someone's playlist or avatar.. but it's a starting point, and less often than more, it's a gesture worth making, and you just might be handed a golden little ticket to something that will blow your mind through your eardrums leaving you no choice but to give a resounding "thank you!", and possibly be a big suck by wanting to add this person as a "friend".

What's done to my listening habits? 8000 tracks later? The anxiety of the question has definitely died down from my previous journals. Perhaps I've unfortunately tuned into a bit too often, and scrobbled tracks just to see them up there in their glory, a string of 3 to 8 minutes of zero's and ones, someone's hard work, translated into a simple entry and time stamped for la statistique.. but hey, it's fucking cool, and it works like a charm... unless there are two groups called "works like a charm", in which case, you know what I mean.

Sure, I listen to more music sitting upright than with a drink and smoke in my hand at some runaway party that I might throw. Perhaps is rehab for those who wanna take a little time out and take it up a notch, and then unleash it on their unsuspecting guests. I mean let's face this, don't you like it when someone runs up to you and says "oooooh, what's this, I NEED to know what this is" ... and doesn't it suck when they as you "can you burn me a copy", it's like this hot little biscuit who had potential, suddenly turned ugly. But it's still good, cause once you put it out there, you get to dive back in for more.

It's becoming a bit of an overdose, and I think that 8000 plays later, I'm finally ready to branch out into another style, there's a little bit of everything in everything, whether it's related by BPM, by lyrical themes, anger or sweetness, tone of voice, samples.. there's doors from your genre that are labeled "ANYWHERE". I'm gonna be going there quite soon. In the words of Dick in Rob Gordon's appartment while watching Rob sort his record collection: "That sounds....... comforting".

Ummmm... the point. Yes. NAME DROPPING.

Despite the copius ammount of human or machine recommendations, in my case, hitting the spot is a bit delicate. I've actually come to question whether or not I listen to an overly large range of music, or too much of a short one. I think it's actually the later, and I saw that because thanks to greasemonkey, I've found out that I'm in the top fans of a LOT of tracks for artists that are quite popular in my neighbourhood/genrehood. Why am I a top fan for an I-F track? Don't get me wrong, I love I-F, but I have trouble understanding how I can be in the tops with what I conider to be such a low play count. Or perhaps, we're ALL reasonnable in this branch, as opposed to 24435 plays of Green Day or such.

My hypothesis: a lot of people who listen to electro will do so on VINYL. And I am simply NOT COOL. The king or prince of NOT COOL, for that matter. The !PAWN! of not c..... you get it.

But without any further adieu, I will now state some albums that I really thought were not obscure, but whose tracks have barely any plays/fans/listeners on Followed by my favourite electro discoveries, mostly netlabels. Actually, let's go with the Electro artist first so that some of you can leave early today:

Aside from the website being a pretty good artistic combo of flash and HTML (I was surprised that I could extract URLs for the journal), ROBOTI has some fantastic melodies to go on, and got my attention after just a few listens.

Dick4Dick Website
At first, I didn't really want this in my charts, what will people think. And with track names like "Dick in your Mauf" and "Suck Last One", it's hard to keep a straight avatar face when people visit, no pun intended. But I'm finding out something very quickly: modern Polish electro can really rock out. The accent eventually becomes charming, if not, just fun to chuckle at.

Freqtronik Website
n8 and I instantly fell in love with Mr.Hugo.. or Mr Hugo, or MrHugo. Give it a listen. Tracks aren't hard to find on this website, but will require a bit of ID3 naming on your part.

Black Turtleneck - Musical Chairs
Simply my favourite electro vocals since Mount Sims, the offerings on this album follows the tradition of "dispeptic" lyrics and just great sounds altogether. Tom Sinclair and Solvent just deliver in a big way in both melody and words, and though I can't wait to hear what they do next, but this one is worth basking in. If you have trouble understanding how to order the album, let me know. This is actually one of the few artists that I WANT to be a top fan of. -- Well worth it 30 second clips on the site.

Dante Passagila - found via the treasure trove that is the Dosis
(User Blog
I'm not able to find many tracks, but "Aliens Are Human" is nice, I personally prefer the "instrumental" version. You see, I can never become a music reviewer with words like "nice", "good" and "sounds".

Touchboy - Are Type Eyes Website
Definitely a more CHIPTUNE album than it will ever be electro, I saw Touchboy in concert with Bit Shifter in Montreal, and I just thought it was so damn good that I picked up a copy of the album for a mere 7bones. You can download the album as one continuous track here. There's also another track on the website, find it.

So if anyone cane make recommendations based on what's qothed above, please do.

Wow, putting in all the images and links was tiring. I'll leave the obscure albums for some other time and leave you in utter dissapointment of the efforts I've made. You all get to leave early in order to work on your comments, and I will work on proper conclusions in point form text.

Did I mention comments? Yes. Ok good. Less previewing, more saving.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. Also. The "non EBM but still electro" angry beats diversions are calling me out Terence Fixmer and David Carretta are just calling me out for some more angry sexmusic. I NEED MORE ANGRY SEXMUSIC! Who's got the reccos?


  • klaashermans

    Nice. Website's for me to check out, new music to listen to. I'll check it out as soon as I have just a little more time on my hands. Oh yes, a rec. Check out the tracks, I think they are good. You'll have to tag them yourself.

    27 Sep 2006, 20:16
  • GONZIlla

    nice post! I really prefer the personal way to recommend music. The recommendations are nice too, but i feel better when i can comment with people what do they like more or less of something that I recommended. I don't know if recommend you anything, your recomendations are such unknown for me! maybe anything i recommend to you, you know it bfore!

    28 Sep 2006, 11:45
  • talking_animal

    Nice look with the big initials. Can you post this to BBCode Brigade? As far as the recos go, I'll get to them in a bit. Thanks!

    1 Oct 2006, 13:40
  • polygon_w

    thanks for this post.. rezpekt! 8)

    9 Oct 2006, 9:37
  • polygon_w

    about the angry sexmusic: Millimetric Kiko Kiko & Gino's / Kiko and Gino Mix Machine that is, the goodlife/ozone label 5 starz to them

    10 Oct 2006, 17:22
  • uporo my favourites are on Death And Destruction LP

    13 Oct 2006, 16:15
  • cixxxj

    Maybe you know them for their house works, now they experiment much more! their [b]electro[/b] efforts will be liked from those who are in more alternative things! Album page on

    24 Nov 2006, 23:10
  • aludeman

    Just want to drop a line that your recos have made my day. I'm enjoying everything and black turtleneck is high on my list of goodies.

    5 Dic 2006, 6:27
  • alibumbali

    i really rofled on that part ...

    9 Feb 2007, 20:36
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