Top 25 Artists of 2007


6 Ene 2008, 7:19

25. Cola Jet Set

My friend Riley gave me this in September. Really simple, catchy pop music…in Spanish! Not the kind of thing I’d list as an all-time favorite, but quite addictive in the short term.

24. Nina Simone
I’ve been a fan for over two years now…mainly I have a few favorite songs that I listen to every now and then…she is definitely one of my favorite vocalists ever, plus an AMAZING pianist.

23. Tapes ‘N Tapes

Um…I dunno. I downloaded this around February last year, and was really into it for a few weeks there. Later I found out they were kind of Pitchfork whores, so I stopped listening.

22. Yo La Tengo

I downloaded And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out in January and got two more of their albums from a friend over Spring Break. Obviously a great and well-known band…my one complaint would be that they are hard to listen to because their music seems to be mixed strangely. Like, everything sounds *indistinct* somehow, and you can barely hear the vocals. I guess that’s just the style (shoegaze), but it isn’t very flattering in my opinion. It always sounds like the songs are *almost* awesome, but never quite take off and get there. (and now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m being arrested by the Hipster PC-Police)

21. Siouxsie and the Banshees

Ok, Siouxsie is such a badass that it’s just ridiculous. I kind of want to marry her. *blush* Just about a month ago, I downloaded The Scream (1978) and Juju (1981), and next I want the one with Robert Smith on it.

20. Tom Waits

Got Alice from Tim over the summer. It’s great stuff – kind of sounds like a more romantic version of Captain Beefheart.

19. The Dresden Dolls
Whatever – laugh it up; I like Amanda Palmer! I really do. So there. I mostly listened to this around late October, early November. Plus, I only like their first album (self-titled, 2003), so it’s not *that* uncool, is it?

18. Defiance, Ohio
Adam gave me both of their albums last April, and I totally listened to them for months without having the slightest clue that they currently lived in Bloomington. Now I live right behind their music and art store, and was even neighbors with one of them for a few months there. Small world, huh

17. Girl Talk

I haven’t listened to this in forever…I guess it was kind of a fad early last year. Still really cool though. And no, I didn’t see him when he played here. Did you?

16. The Concretes

Tim gave me In Colour right at the end of spring semester. I was very, VERY obsessed with it for about two weeks in early May, but have only occasionally listened to it since. I love anything Swedish.

15. Bright Eyes

I will always love Conor…enough said. I know most music snobs are long over him, but too bad. Everything he did up through 2004 will always be some of my very favorite music. On the other hand, I disown everything he’s done since then.

14. Calexico

I’m actually not sure why this is so high on my charts…I definitely like them a lot, but not *that* much. Anyway, Feast of Wire is a great album. Apparently I listened to it a lot in ’07?

13. Sneaker Pimps

I had a short-lived fit of obsession with Sneaker Pimps in early-to-mid November. Chris Corner has beautiful hair, and one of their songs is called “Postmodern Sleaze.” What more do you need to know?

12. Broadcast

This is what I was listening to around the time that it was insanely cold and snowy last winter, and classes got cancelled…around Valentine’s Day…a time otherwise filled with a lot of booze, pot, and naked hot-tubbing…awww, memories. I got into them after Jose recommended that I download Tender Buttons. Such a great album. Ooh, I’m gonna put it on right now.

11. Sun Ra

They’re talkin’ about nuclear war. It’s a mothafucka, don’t you know; if they push that button your ass gotta go. Gonna blast your ass so high in the sky. You can kiss your ass goodbye. Whatchu gonna do without yo’ ass? Radiation, mutation, fiiiire, hydrogen bomb!
Memories: surprisingly warm days in late March, new green canvas sneakers, biking home hungover from random people’s houses, happier than I could ever remember being. Not going to class.

10. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

I LOVE THE LYRICS!!! So, so, so perfect. So real and relatable, expertly combining sadness and sarcasm. Perfect! I saw him at Boxcar in April. Perfect. (( @Toxxi and CatachResistant- your hero Rivulets opened this show and was BAD. Ask me about it.))

9. A Tribe Called Quest

The Anthology was pretty much the only thing I listened to for the entire month of August. Unfortunately, I listened to it *SO* constantly, that I got a bit sick of it for quite some time afterwards. I hate it when I do that. What a fucking amazing album.

8. Smog

Remember when I disappeared for several weeks around early-mid October? Not really? Well, this is what I was listening to. All the time. I got really obsessed with the song Dress Sexy at My Funeral – I love how it is so viciously bitter and painful, yet subtle and understated. Especially the imagery about having sex in public. Also, Wild Love is a great album. Most of my memories of this time period are very bad, but I can still listen to it anyway.

7. Jens Lekman

One of my principle and on-going musical obsessions, as most people who know me are quite aware. Haha. I met him for the second time this year! And had an awkward conversation about the fake Facebook profile I made for him, which actually became well-known somehow (by Jens himself as well as, apparently, Pitchfork…) Anyway, yay for the new album! Although I don’t think it’s quite as good as When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog.

6. The Microphones

The Glow, Part II is a very addictive album. Late May and most of June, I had this on constantly. When I think of the Microphones, I think of early summer nights, being in love with gorgeous Greek-free Bloomington, running in the evenings, first Summer Session classes… I have barely ever listened to it since that time, though.

5. of Montreal

Another summer obsession…right after The Concretes and before The Microphones, mid-May. Previously, I had decided not to like them because Jose was really into them, and I thought they were too derivative. Then one night I went jogging and heard Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games blasting from some near-westside house... “Damn hipsters and their of Montreal,” I thought half-jokingly. Needless to say, I went home immediately afterwards, downloaded the entire album, and spent the next few weeks obsessively indulging my repressed love for it. I still haven’t gotten so much into their other stuff though (the older, psychedelic sounding stuff really *is* too derivative, and the new stuff is just plain annoying).

4. Deerhoof

I *love* this band! Love, love, love. Um…yeah. It’s all about The Runners Four and Friend Opportunity.

3. Silver Jews

So, funny story about this one. Last January, I met this guy named Josh on the internets who was really into Silver Jews. He always put their lyrics as the titles to his messages and such. I hung out with him in person a total of once and never saw him again, but he is the reason that I got into Silver Jews. I have been a huge fan ever since. Thank you random dude named Josh.

2. The Cure (**80s!!! Not the stuff after that!! Big difference.**)

I only started listening to the Cure at the end of November after never having listened to them before, and they still made it to number 2 for the entire year…wow, haha. Honestly, I consider it a tragedy that I didn’t start listening to them sooner. For so long, I just had it in my head that I wouldn’t like them, so I just never even considered it (at 17, I was briefly exposed to some of Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and wasn’t impressed). However, this fall semester three separate people independently told me that they were surprised I didn’t listen to the Cure (I think based on my fashion sense and personality as well as musical taste), so I figured what the hell, it’s an important band. I’ll at least give them a try. BEST IDEA EVER. It’s quite commonplace for me to go through phases of being obsessed with individual songs or albums, but with the Cure it has been their entire pre-1990 discography. I am absolutely in love.

1. Pavement

Duh. My all-time favorite band. The only album that I heard for the first time in 2007 was Wowee Zowee, which I downloaded in February. The rest I’ve been into for years. I don’t even think I need to say anything else.


  • catachresistant

    [quote](( @Toxxi and CatachResistant- your hero Rivulets opened this show and was BAD. Ask me about it.))[/quote] What. :'(

    6 Ene 2008, 9:48
  • goo_goo_muck

    good taste, but there's a loot more to tom waits than that. and the best cure era is late 70's-early 80's.

    7 Ene 2008, 4:28
  • bigSEXYhair

    Why stop downloading? If I didn't download, I would have to count on other people to give me all the music I listen to...and I don't want my music taste to be defined for me by others, especially by boys who like me. It's annoying; I want my OWN taste. And I don't have the financial luxury of purchasing music legally. @goo_goo_muck - Yeah, I really should get some more Tom Waits. And I agree that late 70s/early 80s is the Cure's best, although my favorite period is actually 1983-85 (it makes me sad when Robert Smith refers disparagingly to his material from this time, as he always does...oh well haha, *I* like it...and he really shouldn't talk, what with the utter shit he's been putting out the past 19 years!!) re: Rivulets He stopped for at least five (or more?) minutes, literally, after the first song to re-tune, and completely could not figure out what was wrong with his guitar. So embarrassing, haha...especially the awkward smalltalk he made, I felt really bad for him. And I don't know who the dude playing drums with him was, but he absolutely SUCKED and half the audience members probably could have improvised and done a better job. Haha. I really don't mean to sound too harsh, though, I have nothing against Nathan or Rivulets, so I'm sorry if it sounds mean!!

    8 Ene 2008, 5:12
  • m3tr0

    Yeah, Cola Jet Set Are great. If you like them, you may want to try listening to Los Fresones Rebeldes, the former band of some of the members of CJS. They are a really catchy pop band too.

    11 Feb 2008, 1:48
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