10 Nov 2006, 23:09

Wow... Converge... all I can say is that this band has been doing it right for years. Their music is amazing, absolutely amazing. It's passionate, it's raw, it's real, it's honest. I don't understand how anyone could ever give this band any shit for what they have done over their 16-year period. They're still staying strong. They're still the fucking kings, in my mind anyway.
No Heroes is an amazing album, and I knew it wouldn't be disappointing. It points out the things that are tearing down and shattering our world, our minds. It digs deep into our inner battles. As Jake Bannon put it, there really are no heroes anymore, and maybe there weren't really ever any heroes.
Converge have been helping me through some real hard times these days, especially the albums Jane Doe and No Heroes, and I'm so glad for their music. The honesty in it, the purity, the originality, the aggression... it's amazing. They have my absolute respect as people, as musicians. Hands down.


  • Quanman

    Couldn't agree more.

    11 Nov 2006, 1:09
  • fluoxetine20mg

    nice write up. no heroes is terrific.

    11 Nov 2006, 3:21
  • Nix42

    Bravo...No Heroes is outstanding, as expected. Love everything Converge has done, including the amazing production work by Bannon and Ballou.

    29 Nov 2006, 7:34
  • qoem

    beh allora ci si vede ad aprile a milano o quando e dove sarà :)

    5 Ene 2007, 4:41
  • snoopywannadie

    *two thumbs up* converge are insanely incredible.

    15 Ene 2007, 12:36
  • paperhanger

    I couldn't agree more

    6 Abr 2007, 12:55
  • RedLeaderFan

    dig their side projects? Kid Kilowatt-Bane-Cave In...all awesome.

    8 Mar 2010, 14:43
  • bicyclerecycle

    Cave In and Old Man Gloom are probably my favorite two of the side projects.

    8 Mar 2010, 15:56
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