I swore I would never write a journal on last.fm because no one ever reads them...


15 Sep 2011, 10:40

This will be my one and only Last.Fm journal. Had to get this off my chest because more and more people I know are becoming like this... I find it SO annoying when people are close minded about different types of music.

I mean people find it weird that I love rock and indie music just as much as I love my RnB and Hip-Hop. It's called being open minded and quite frankly they're the ones that are missing out on some pretty great music right?

I know so many people who are obsessed with one genre of music and refuse to venture out and listen to something different. Obviously you can enjoy one type of music more than another but does that mean all the other genres of music are rubbish? No way.

Also there’s the fact that many rock musicians and RnB singers/rappers always collaborate..so doesn't that tell us that they appreciate different genres and embrace it? Well then we should too.

A lot of people like one genre and refuse to like another style of music just because its not what they usually listen to or because it doesn't make them look cool or is different to what there friends listen to..

But who cares what other people think its music YOU want to listen to. I think everyone should embrace other styles of music because there is so much music out there that I'm sure if they gave it a chance they would love.

Anyone else feel the same?


  • yammii20

    Joaa, du hast im großen und ganzen schon recht mit deiner Meinung, ich verstehe das manchmal auch net wenn people immer nur ein Musikgenre hören. Also ich kann so ziemlich alles hören was mich anrockt,ob das dann metal,hard rock,klassik oder was weis ich was ist ,ist mir dann so ziemlich egal.Hauptsache meine Emos werden geweckt und ein geheimnissvolles Eigenleben der Gefühle wird erzeugt..hehe !! Musik ist für mich wie eine Droge,die richtig dosiert mir den ultimativen Hyp beschert. by the way........yammii!! ;))

    18 Oct 2011, 11:31
  • chad5k1

    Totally agree. If it's good, it's good - regardless of genre!

    21 Nov 2011, 10:54
  • CreamCrazy

    I used to be JUST into Rock & Metal, but over the years I've branched out to Alternative (which I still believe is my primary genre), folk, indie, a bit of Pop & even Jazz. Diversifying is great, makes the music experience a lot more fun, exciting & complete that way.

    12 Dic 2011, 3:45
  • wiserbutnotolde


    28 Dic 2011, 7:28
  • bianca_lg_xx

    well im glad im not the only one that feels this way :)

    3 Ene 2012, 8:28
  • c-money008

    agree with you,so clever girl.i like hardcore rap ,mix and remix best.

    2 Feb 2012, 14:03
  • bianca_lg_xx

    ooh a nice mix there :)

    6 Feb 2012, 9:18
  • wiserbutnotolde

    I admit I totally forgot i already read this but ummmmm, yep, you definitely make the world a better place by being in it. i knew it :)

    4 Ago 2012, 21:37
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