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Group Zeru ta Lur

Artist Zeru ta Lur / Cérou ta Lourre, Zeru ta Lur, Cérou ta Lourre, Cérou ta Loure...

Pronounciation Thay-roota loorrr

Founder artist Zuhurbelea


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Laibach, Vegan Hardcore, Metal and Anarcho-Punk, Bands with animals in their names are the best., Yo! Raps, Ethnic Lovers, Fuck Censorship, Untergrund NDW, Diversity + Knowledge 100 Artists per 1000 plays, Man In Black, Throbbing Gristle, Fairy Tales, Folklore, and the like..., Rock Basque/Vasco/Euskaldun, We Live Hip-Hop, Physics, Bukowski, Dope indie hip-hop, Surf Punk, FALSE METAL, Yugoslavian Punk and New Wave, Troubadours Of The Folk Era, Hip-Hop, Noise, Experimental, and anything Crazy, Cookies, Dark Hair, fans of the residents, Andy Warhol, Punk`s not DeAd, Nacho Vegas, George Carlin, Musica Cthulhiana, Commercial Rap Music, 1979 Post-Punk, Flying Lotus, Rozz Williams, I Fucking Hate Crowded Places, Independent Artists II, Metal. Hip-Hop. We love it both., Edward Scissorhands, USA RAP, A play not scrobbled is a wasted play, The LastFM FREE DOWNLOADS Group, Dark Forests & Cold Winters, Apathy and Hedonism, L.A old school, Siouxsie, Property is Theft, Anti-capitalism, Addicted to Bass, illRoots, Psychedelic Space, Folk-Punk, Drums and Percussion, Transformers Fans, Windows Media Player Users, Death Metal AND Deathcore is Awesome!, Reggae rock, COME TOGETHER, I love Pizza, FactoryRecords, Richard Wagner, Phantom Fm, > Facebook, Russian Synth Community, Independent Artists III, Ghost Ambient, Kurt Vonnegut, NYC Hip Hop, Coldwave, Post-Punk Society, "Without music, life is a mistake.", Surf Roots Rock Reggae, j dilla changed my life, Hip Hop Stoners, Eclecstasy, Punk My Pop!,, pop punk bored, The Neptunes, Art of Music, Morocco, Wonky Music, Chess Players, Romanticism, In the Court of the Crimson King, America is not only the USA, Experimentalists, Flag Collectors, NYC Rap, Gustav Mahler, ElectroPunk, Wolf, Irish Celtic Folk Punk Music Fans, Get a Life, Killing Joke, People With Crazy Sleeping Patterns, Hemma hos, SKOLD, pop-punk defense squad!, Indie Subterráneo, Brazilian Post-Punk, Outsider art, 80's Synth and other Progressions, Maybeshewill, Bulgarian Punk,Hardcore,Ska,Metal etc., NSK DRZAVA, Melancholism, I have a very odd obsession with serial killers, transgressionism, Technoid and jungle drum and bass, Yes Im Awesome, madvillain, Linguists, Open Trance Group, The Mothership of Hip-Hop, Polish Bass Players, Lebanese On Last.FM, Church of the SubGenius, Emo/Punk/Rock, I don't understand a damn word but I love it!, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, network, Classic Punk!, punk without all the fucking tears, INSANE Drummers, Japanese Punk, Real Hardcore Punk, I Wanna Be Away From Here, Fyodor Dostoevsky, This Mortal Coil, I Still Listen To Vinyl, Astronomy, The Wall, Angelic Voices, Golden Age Hip-Hop, Audio♥Caffeine, Discordians
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Travelers, Cold, I love PUNK ROCK, synth-rock, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, THe REAL HIPHOP, Crust Metal and Punk, 80's punk and oi, Christa Päffgen (aka Nico), Death Rock, Paradise Lost, Guitar/Drum/Bass, Si Jeune, Si Froide, Science, Feminism, anti-racist/racism, Legendary Pink Dots, For people who have a headache by eating too cold ice cream, I'm on when I should be doing work., Franz Kafka, Tangerine Dream, Fantomas, Warriors of United Genres & Tolerance in Musical Taste (where possible), Salvador Dali, We Love To Laugh!, Obscure French, Hideously Deformed Creatures of Superhuman Size and Strength, R.I.P. Nujabes, The Magnetic Fields, The Vampire Chronicles, Front 242, Beatniks and Hipsters, Comic Book Readers, It's About The Music, Not The Way You Dress, psychology, Discworld, Riot Grrrl - Rebel Girl, People whose style of dress and personality doesn't match their music taste, Born in August, British Folk-Rock, Minimal Wave, BEKO DSL, Unknown Pleasures, Pirates, European Free Jazz, underground & hardcore hip-hop, multi culti world, People Against Racial Profiling, The Music Progression Theory, Oscar Wilde, Hip-Hop for the Mind and Body, Jack Sparrow, melodic hc punk, 2Pac 4ever, Forgotten Realms, Punk - Hardcore - Metal, power electronics, Sarcasm, Fans of the drum outro to Deliverance by Opeth, Jack Kerouac, Army Of The Pharaohs, World Serpent, BBCode Brigade, Elizabeth Fraser, Spaghetti Western Fans, Soulful Drum & Bass, Lo-Fi, indie España, Breton Music, Twin Peaks, Chuck Bass, Dark Drum and Bass, The Chameleons, Die 1. deutsche Punk-Rock-Liga, anticon., The Internet is a serious place, Podcast!, Star Trak, Anti-War, Pro-Kittens, Medicine Show, Female Singer-Songwriter of the Week, mash-up, Detroit Hip-Hop, Black Coffee, Persian Music, russian underground rock & punk, drum n' bass, Alternative2punk, Screw Eminem Haters, Bretagne, Cardiacs, Punk In Finland, Addicted to Drum and Bass, Melancholic Rock & Metal, I Love Photography, Drummers, PUNK BLUES,, Arab Scrobblers, Stones Throw, I like my Bread Crusty, just like my Punk, scr.emo.punk.core, John Waters, throbbing gristle are more influential than the beatles, Gentle Giant Fans, German Punk, H.R. GIGER, 80's post punk!!!, Pale-skinned people who do not want to get tanned, Emotional Hip-Hop, Young Buck, Proto-Punk, Synth pop, Bauhaus and Related Bands, Charlie Chaplin, Anti School, Gothic Punk, Alfred Hitchcock, Gang of Four, Stones Throw - Poland, People are strange, Gimme5, Clint Eastwood, The Berzerker, GWAR, Aquachipwonkcrunkstepdubhop, New Wave of New Wave, Polski Punk 80', Foetus, MELODIC PUNK PORTAL, Non-Mainstream European Folk Instruments, Sociologists on, RapMusicPortal, G-Funk Fo Life!, Chiller Cabinet, From Synth Pop to Death Metal, Ska is NOT punk, Female Fronted Punk, Heep Hop, Jamaica, Punk'n'Roll, Polish Crust, Anarcho-Punk, Grindcore, Japanese Hip-Hop (ヒップホップ), Albert Camus, Nest, The Residents and Snakefinger, Electro Punk Dance and Trance, Poetry, Litterature and more..., Art-Punk, Charles Baudelaire, Klaus Schulze, Humanists, Pantheists, Fabrizio Moretti, Cabaret Voltaire, Fuck Tha Police


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