Joy Divisial Bureau of Investigation


29 Nov 2011, 22:59

Hi !

Hands up. You have the right to keep silent.

If you prefer to speak loud, you can contribute to the Global Enquiry for collecting the list of Bands Known or Obscure who Sound like Joy Division especially concerning the rythmical section .

So, I ask you for the last time : which bands do you know with a big round obsessive rythm ?

Envíos aceptados
USA RAP, A play not scrobbled is a wasted play, The LastFM FREE DOWNLOADS Group, Dark Forests & Cold Winters, Apathy and Hedonism, L.A old school, Siouxsie, Property is Theft, Anti-capitalism, Addicted to Bass, Psychedelic Space, illRoots, Folk-Punk, Drums and Percussion, Transformers Fans, Windows Media Player Users, Reggae rock, Death Metal AND Deathcore is Awesome!, COME TOGETHER, I love Pizza, New Zealand, Moon, Wicked Hip Hop Sounds, Symphonic Black Metal, Modus & Ambient Chillout New Age etc., Sounds between Jazz, Electronic and Hiphop, Insomniacs Against Bedtime, Current 93, Poetry, Film Noir, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nietzsche, Bloody Beetrooters, Rap Generation, DeutschPunk - Oi - SKA, France against Sarkozy, Underground Brasileiro, I'm not anti social, I just hate you, Drum N Bass Arena, Nightmare Before Christmas, Spain, The Sisters of Mercy, Ennio Morricone, The Radio Department, Alternative Metal, Iran - Iranians, basically, I just wanted my own group., Upcoming Hiphop, The Jay-Z & Nas Group, Doom Jazz, I'm all about the love, man., Youtube, edgar allan poe, its all about the BASS, Underground Hip Hop Crew, The Juice Box Crew, Netherlands, TRIBAL INDUSTRIAL, Cocteau Twins, ELITISM STINKS, Ian Curtis, Skate punk, Not Quite Goth, The Ultimate Ska Punk, Skacore, Skatepunk Group!, Pessimists, Anthrax, Velvet Underground, Punk Metal, Central Point: where artists and listeners meet, People Who Have So Much To Do That They Don't Do Anything, Russian Metal, Wikipedia Supporters, my friends don't like my music, Independent Artists, Philosophers, D-Punk, Metal Drummers, Coalition of Free Thinkers, I need a life, Book Club, dope, drugoyhiphop, Japanese Industrial, Batman, Robosexuals, Batman is so totally post-punk, Freedom Of Music, Nice Music for Nice People, Aperture Science, Ska - Punk - Rock, Dominic Howard, Makaveli, Who else wants a time machine, Hidden Artists, Free Palestine!, Hip Hop to Psychedelic to Jazz and Everything Inbetween, Hip Hop In My Headphones, Pessoas que têm um prazer quase sexual em concertos e que não se importam com o que…, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Post Post-Punk, Cyberpunk, Throbbing Gristle, Rock Basque/Vasco/Euskaldun, We Live Hip-Hop, Physics, Bukowski, Dope indie hip-hop, Surf Punk, FALSE METAL, Yugoslavian Punk and New Wave, Troubadours Of The Folk Era, Chez Musinum, Mothers Against Noise, 80s Weirdness, In Drum n' Bass We Trust, BEATSBEATSBEATS, AllHipHop, Native American Music, Get the hell out of our shoutboxes, East Coast Rap, I hate when doesn't update., Poor Taste, net labels - electronic, minimal synth, DUBHEADZ, Hip-Hop Knowledge, Swedish Punk, Jazz Drummers, DJs Make The Music, Technically Stoned, Jesu, Pizza, Vegan Hardcore, Metal and Anarcho-Punk, Old School Punk, Bands with animals in their names are the best., Yo! Raps, Ethnic Lovers, Fuck Censorship, Untergrund NDW, Man In Black, Diversity + Knowledge 100 Artists per 1000 plays, Fairy Tales, Folklore, and the like..., Hip-Hop, Noise, Experimental, and anything Crazy, Nacho Vegas, 1979 Post-Punk, Rozz Williams, I Fucking Hate Crowded Places, Cookies, Dark Hair, fans of the residents, Andy Warhol, Punk`s not DeAd, George Carlin, Musica Cthulhiana, Commercial Rap Music, Flying Lotus, Independent Artists II, Edward Scissorhands, Metal. Hip-Hop. We love it both., FactoryRecords, Richard Wagner
Envíos pendientes
British Folk-Rock, Minimal Wave, BEKO DSL, Unknown Pleasures, Pirates, People Against Racial Profiling, underground & hardcore hip-hop, multi culti world, European Free Jazz, The Music Progression Theory, Oscar Wilde, Jack Sparrow, Hip-Hop for the Mind and Body, melodic hc punk, 2Pac 4ever, Forgotten Realms, Punk - Hardcore - Metal, power electronics, Fans of the drum outro to Deliverance by Opeth, Sarcasm, Jack Kerouac, World Serpent, Army Of The Pharaohs, BBCode Brigade, we fucking love music, The 69 Eyes, Hip-Hop.Ru, Greece, Kate Bush, Oldschool Punk & Hardcore, Insomniacs, Woody Allen, Madchester, Punk 77, Holland and the Netherlands are NOT the same, Unpatriotic, outsider music, Pop Punk-Rock, Dada?, All Your Bass Are Belong To Us, Google, REALLY Extensive Musical Taste, CSI:NY, Alternative Hip Hop, Ska-P, Against Political Correctness, X-Files, JEDI MIND TRlCKS, Superfly Soul, Kyuss, Fort_Minor, Technical metal and various neo-avantgarde deviations, la-underground, Layne Staley, Does Humor Belong In Music, Cemetery Western, Moonsorrow, Nature, DMX Fans, Apocalyptic Folk, Vampires, John Williams, K-Punk Records, Avantgarde Music, Ministry, Cat Power, Street Punk Fans, Freedom, we still listen to bands after they have split up, Flamenco, 60s experimental, Zen Garden, Crust Punk, Horrorcore Freaks, Mythology, Fields of the Nephilim, Feminism, anti-racist/racism, I'm on when I should be doing work., Franz Kafka, Warriors of United Genres & Tolerance in Musical Taste (where possible), Tangerine Dream, Fantomas, Hideously Deformed Creatures of Superhuman Size and Strength, Obscure French, Surrealism, Horizontal Hip Hop, Death in June, Classic Punk, A Clockwork Orange, adidas BOUNCE, Science Fiction, Literature, Electric Wizard, Neue Deutsche Welle, Surreal, First Wave Industrial Music, I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the Back of The Head, UK Punk, Cold Wave, Finnish Punk, Wu-Tang Clan, japanese rebels of music, shady aftermath, TheRoots, Ancient Egypt, Cold, Travelers, synth-rock, I love PUNK ROCK, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, THe REAL HIPHOP, Crust Metal and Punk, 80's punk and oi, Christa Päffgen (aka Nico), Paradise Lost, Death Rock, Si Jeune, Si Froide, Guitar/Drum/Bass, Science, Legendary Pink Dots, For people who have a headache by eating too cold ice cream, Salvador Dali, We Love To Laugh!, Comic Book Readers, Riot Grrrl - Rebel Girl, Born in August, Front 242, The Magnetic Fields, The Vampire Chronicles, R.I.P. Nujabes, Beatniks and Hipsters, It's About The Music, Not The Way You Dress, psychology, Discworld, People whose style of dress and personality doesn't match their music taste, Elizabeth Fraser, Spaghetti Western Fans


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