• Ben Spencer's Music Explosion

    9 Feb 2007, 20:13

    Of course, you all were like "It's John, not Ben, and it's Blues, not Music!!! Bastard!"

    So what. I just wanted to report that San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland have treated me well so far musically.

    1.) I might move into a rock n' roll house in Oakland...but probably not because I'm too professional and don't do heroin.
    2.) The Bay area is the perpetual climax of music's ejaculation. It's like Venice or Paris was back in the diz-ay. Once you think you know everything, you realize you've only covered the mid west bands (mainly from Chicago and southern Illinois..and Secretly Canadian records in Bloomington, IN). California, Oregon, and Washington, (ok and AZ) are home to some of the best music the US has created. Think about the history, even. Schoenberg lived here. Phil Lesh (prior to GD) was doing the John CAGE!!! AGHHHH...and then there's the whole electric kool-aid period...then the gay 80s...and omg. Can you get enough ska, punk, indie, and rock in one place? Jazz was big too, I forgot to mention. Can't forget to mention Lee Konitz.
    3.) Fuck the tourgasm. I'm having a Francisigasm.
  • Ahh music

    4 Ene 2007, 1:36

    I love you so much! I will make love to you, oh sweet music, until the end of time and space.

    I love your traids and your ragas all the same. I could listen to you manifesting in birds, as well as through celli. I could hear your sweet vibrations in a fly's wings as well as in a tenor's high C.

    I will practice your scales and hope someday I can understand all you have to offer. When I say I love women like Bjork or Joanna Newsom, it's only because I love you that much! Don't worry, it's impossible that I cheat on you, since you are my only true love.

    I only wish that you'd love me, too.
  • Mr. Don Caballero

    3 Ene 2006, 2:24

    Dear Mr. Don Caballero,

    Why do you rub my musical instincts so good? You are a genius with your polyrhythms, non-standard time signatures, and key changes. Where is the freedom? NEVER! This is math rock the bone. I spend my nights awake in bed dreaming of new ways to play beethoven's fifth because of you. I sometimes wonder what Chopin would have been had he heard your music. John Zorn? Who's he? Anyway, I would like to shake your hand, but do not have the ability to reach through my computer screen as of yet.

    Highest Regards,
  • most recent

    12 Ago 2005, 17:04

    Saw Great Big Sea last night at Thursday in the Square, they were good as usual. Last show I was at was All Good Music Fest, and I left with appreciation for Umphrey's McGee, Lake Trout, Matisyahu, The Bridge, and String Cheese.