Songs of my life


18 May 2009, 21:21

-Open your Winamp or iTunes and enable the shuffle function
-The answer to each question is the song is playig, press next to go to the next questioned on you...

1. How do you feel today?

Hooray (Grand Funk Railroad)

2. Your perspective on life

Hand of Doom (Manowar)

3. What does your family think of you?

Pressure Drop (Izzy Stradlin)

4. What your friends think about you?

Objection Overruled (Accept)

5. What do people who don't know you think on you?

Dime Que Me Quieres (Tequila)

6. What do people who wanna be with you think of you?

Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

7. Your lovelife up until now

World Beyond (Kreator)

8. How will it be in the future?

It’s Good but It Just Ain’t Right (The Hellacopters)

9. Will you marry?

Mother Earth (Korpiklaani)

10. Are you having children?

In Death, a Song (Katatonia)

11. Are you good in bed?

Mouth for War (Pantera)

12. Will you be succesful?

Chase the Ace (AC/DC)

13. Song for your birthday

The One You Love (Rufus Wainwright)

14. Funeral song

Saving Grace (Cry Of Love)

15. Song about your whole life

Juanes (Juanes)

16. Best friend's song

Don’t wanna be a soldier mama (John Lennon)

17. Happy times

Mirror (Tygers of Pan Tang)

18. Sour times

Last Kiss (Pearl Jam)

19. For tomorrow

Needled 247 (Children of Bodom)

20. Goodbye song

Altering the Future (Death)


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