Weekly Top Artists Sunday May 28 - Sunday Jun 4


5 Jun 2006, 16:47

1/ Nasum - 98 plays

Yeah, grindcore does tend to rape music lists. I do love a bit of Nasum occasionally though. One of my favourite bands.

2/ Pantera - 69 plays

Go figure :p

3/ At the Gates - 50 plays

Same as above. haha

4/ Carcass - 44 plays

Had a little carcass period this week. gotta love the Necrobiotism *sp?* and heartwork albums :p They pop in and out of my overall top ten on a fairly constanst basis.

5/ Morbid Angel - 34 plays

One of my favourite bands. Great death metal.

6/ Emperor - 31 plays

Very good black metal band, one of my favourite overall bands actually but i tend to have those little "black metal moments" every now and then and have a little listening session. Dunno if other people are the same with certain bands. Darkthrone a re another one of my "every once in a while" bands.

7/ Decapitated - 28 plays

Liked them and listened to them for quite a while but getting into them a lot all over again.

8/ Sepultura - 27 plays

Very cool band, nice tribal drumming sound.

9/ Red Hot Chili Peppers - 26 plays

Funky goodness, all early albums ive been listening to though.

9/ Machine Head - 26 plays

Old favourite and getting into them again recently.

On a side note. nearly a 1000 tracks this week! must be because of all the revision i've been doing. :P


  • r1Co

    MORE machine head pls! :))

    5 Jun 2006, 20:12
  • Sykotic_X

    Necroticism, I've only got one track (Lysergide) but it totally kicks ass. Probably better than my whole Swansong album I've been listening to this week, which isn't really saying a helluva lot. (Down with MH! :P)

    6 Jun 2006, 11:48
  • bassistmetalfag

    have you heard corporal jigsaw quandry off that album? amazing song. Not a machinehead fan then? :p

    6 Jun 2006, 12:03
  • Sykotic_X

    No on both counts ;)

    6 Jun 2006, 13:28
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