I'm addicted to the shuffle things...


17 Oct 2006, 18:55

1.Why are you taking yet another shuffle quiz?
Impressive Instant
Because I really want to go into a dance trance? Well, that doesnt make any sense.

2.What's currently in your fridge?
I promise that isnt true. The bodies are in the basement, duh.

3.Your biggest nightmare?
I dont think miscarrying is my biggest nightmare.

4.What place would you like to visit?
Actually yes. Its so ancient.

5.A reason to commit suicide?
Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Well, I guess if I was REALLY blue

6.Why are we here?
Gloomy Sunday
So we can have depressing Sundays? But Im NOT Catholic.

7.Something you never dared to say to anyone...?
Come Inside
Well, thats just not true. I say it to my husband almost every night.

8.One thing the world really doesnt need?
Black Dove
We dont need any more omens, portents, or other harbingers of war so Ill go with it.

9.What's your biggest unfulfilled wish?
That god will answer my prayers. This would work better if I believed in god.

10.If you could invent something, what would it be?
First Cool Hive
I suppose it would be great to be the inventor of the first cool hive. But will that rake in the sweet money?

11.The last thing youd say before you die?
The Friend No One Likes
Wow, I hope Im not so bitchy I out anyone like that on my death bed. But I suppose if Im gonna die anyways...why not!

12.What's your destiny?
To be a two faced bitch. Im sure you can find some who say Im already fulfilling that role

13.What do you do when you're alone in an elevator?
mmm... I do contortions and acrobatics

14.Why do people go fishing?
Drum Trip
So they can be out in the sun, feel the heat, and relax to the rhythm.

15.What would you do with your slaves?
Them That Got
Keep everything for myself while they get nothing... ha ha ha.

16.Is there a man on the moon?
I Walk the Line

17.What does hell look like?
I dont like mondays
A place where kids shoot at other kids for no particular reason. Wait, does that mean we are in hell already?

18.About what would you like to write a book?
Welcome To The Goodtimes
About stuff going horribly wrong for someone and I laugh and laugh

19.The best thing ever is...?
River of Tears
When a man is so ashamed of his behavior toward you he has to move out of town so that no one will ever know what a jackass he was.

20.Why did the chicken cross the road?
Id cross the road for love too.

21.Why do you listen to music?
It is the medicine to fit the mood Im in.

22.What do you do when you're alone and nobody's watching?
Enjoy the Silence
That ones just true

23.Why are other people so stupid?
The Rivers of Babylon
I have no comment...

24.Last thing you ate?
Old Man
Actually, the old man wasnt the last thing I ate but he was the most enjoyable.

25.Why is grass green?
Because Madonna wont sell out. If she did then itd be purple or something.

26.Your phone is ringing, but who's on the other end?
What God Wants Pt 1
Apparently its Gods spokesperson. Excuse, I should take this.

27.What should you stop doing?
Stoned Me
I guess I should give up stuff and things

28.A word of advice to the readers of this quiz?
Its time to push the button!

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  • LiquorBox

    You sick, dirty girl (7 & 24). I'm going to call you Steely Danielle.

    18 Oct 2006, 0:51
  • SapientSutler

    Ha! I love the comments you made! PS: You are almost never alone on an elevator if you count the security cameras, so watch what you do!

    18 Oct 2006, 3:40
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