• Best Saves The Day Show I Have Ever Been to

    26 Oct 2008, 5:19

    Sat 25 Oct – Saves the Day, Moneen, Anthony Green Hangar 84 opened up for their first big show tonight and, despite this being my fifth Saves the Day show, I was not ready for what I was going to experience. All of the other bands were mediocre in comparison to Saves the Day's performance, and to tell the truth, it was the fans that made the night remarkable. Anthony Green was obviously on some kind of drug as his eyes were beat red and kept on rolling into the back of his head. His performance wasn't really altered by it but there was somewhat of an awkward feeling as I heard several people around me comment on how high he looked. I don't know, maybe I think too low of people, maybe he just had the flu or something, but many people thought otherwise. When Saves the Day started off the security guards were off to the side and there was no one blocking the space between the crowd and the stage (except for a torso-level metal barrier). It all seems like a blur now, but the first few songs of Saves the Day seemed reminiscent of an old hardcore show. I was up front and we immediately broke down the barrier and people got up on stage and jumped off like they were at a Converge show in the 90's. The security guards were shocked and Chris kept on asking us to please stop breaking down the barrier because he was worried about us getting hurt. At one point everyone fell on top of each other and people were walking on top of each other. The rest of the night consisted of a battle between the fans and the security guards to get to the stage, as the staff had to push against the barrier and push us back over and over. Not to forget the intimacy of the fans, I spent a few songs arm and arm with a sweaty man I didn't know singing to me and me singing back. Forget all the different mosh pits going on and all the fights breaking out, the crowd up front was the spectacle, the staff were not ready for how hyped the crowd was over Saves The Day. Of all the Saves the Day shows I've been to, this was the most memorable. Best song of the night-Saves The Day-Rocks Tonic Juice Magic