• good latin music.

    24 Jul 2006, 20:05

    Not tex mex or latina pop/ rap bullshit. I'm looking for some good, traditionaly based, latin fusion style music. Stuff like Coke, Ozomatli,Aventura. Yeah, so if you know of some good groups, don't be afraid to drop me some names.


  • Do band names matter?

    13 Jul 2006, 2:25

    Do the names of bands really all that matter? I mean... people follow names once a connection to the music is made, but sometime first impressions really do count when having a band name. But is this always true? '

    Yes true.... catchy quick names tend to stick around in our heads the most and easiest.... but can't you like a band, good name or not?

    If you've ever heard THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT you would know that wierd names that make no sense at all don't always mean bad music.

    other wierd named bands:

    Arctic Monkeyes
    Dinosour Jr.
  • it's 2:25 in the morning...

    9 Jul 2006, 9:26

    I just sent out my order for my Sigur Ros cd and my Ima Robot] cd. People keep throwing so much new music at me I don't know what to do about it. Such a shame... not being rich... or having fast internet.... I can only get so much at a time.

    So anyways... while I'm at it.... anybody want to suggest music for me to hear? Just for the fuck sake of it? Come on.... i won't forget the band if it's written down in a reply...
  • Gnawa Diffusion

    6 Jul 2006, 7:04

    This is a great, slightly anarchistic, traditional middle - eastern style reggae band from Algeria. I really want to get a hold of one of there albums, but i can't find any torrents for download, and importing there cds can cost anywhere between 20 and 70 bucks. I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want something by this band...

    so very badly..

    in the pants...

    Souk System

    ^^ somebody get me that. Pleeeasssse!!!

    i feel like a crack addict for my algerian reggae.