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  • H-channie


    ayer por la noche Responder
  • H-channie

    Damn son, where'd you get that taste?

    Ayer 3:12pm Responder
  • vKangaru


    17 Oct 4:49 Responder
  • Terminall42

    nono im fatomsk

    14 Oct 6:57 Responder
  • aworldofice

    Fink is the only Groinchurn release I've listened to and I think it's great. It may just be the most unique grindcore album I've ever heard.

    29 Sep 21:27 Responder
  • aworldofice

    Wow, this is different stuff (and not in a bad way at all). I'm about four minutes in and I have to go to bed shortly, but hopefully I'll listen to the whole thing tomorrow. It kind of reminds me of a bit more extreme version of Groinchurn, so that's pretty rad.

    29 Sep 7:26 Responder
  • fenderfabulous

    v nice, which ones did you get?

    21 Sep 4:55 Responder
  • fenderfabulous

    did u buy Ramones?

    21 Sep 1:19 Responder
  • Loqueis

    thx :*)

    19 Sep 12:08 Responder
  • moshprincess

    unless youre talking about the sidebar image which is from azumanga daioh

    18 Sep 4:26 Responder
  • moshprincess

    not a manga, fanart of an idolmaster character. who u

    18 Sep 4:25 Responder
  • Terminall42

    you're a legend dude

    26 Ago 8:13 Responder
  • Terminall42

    sometimes doesnt scrobble and its like what was the point of even listening to music if no one knows im doing it ya know

    22 Ago 19:35 Responder
  • Terminall42

    ill do it 4 u

    21 Ago 3:14 Responder
  • christian_m_h

    what's up chatfriend??

    20 Ago 7:34 Responder
  • T_M__L

    I'm still not too sure. Won't stop trying though. Gotta get better in multiple aspects, all facets of the day-to-day. Gotta.

    8 Ago 5:10 Responder
  • T_M__L

    I just find out the worst things about people and then run. Arm's length is a good length.

    2 Ago 10:09 Responder
  • jojofasho

    When I was at evo I tried to watch Haitani wreck shit with Makoto but I didn't get to see him play her, only Rufus. Nah I don't main Seth. I had a pocket Seth around the middle of AE2012 and near the end I really got the hang of him and started having a blast. Capcom gutted him so much its a shame. I can still win but i've got to work extremely hard for the stun and the win. One mashed out ultra and it's game over. I Main Cammy with Akuma and Yun to cover my bad matchups. braindead 4 life. I've got plenty of pocket characters to keep things interesting though.

    31 Jul 23:08 Responder
  • jojofasho

    shameless self promotion thank you based ultra

    30 Jul 1:18 Responder
  • jojofasho

    Yeah you've really gotta be on point with Makoto or you're going to get fucked. She has bad wake up game as well. Some dude at my locals plays makoto and blows me up all the time. Focus dash in and ex command grab with the armor is a pretty gimmicky thing to do but it works all the time. lol I play online all the time but didn't start getting good until I went to locals, lucky for me they're all good and teach me a bunch of shit.

    30 Jul 1:07 Responder
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young nigga came

thru on his wu-tang