Top 10 thing. (4/30-5/7)


9 May 2006, 0:12

1.Jonathan Larson (34 plays)
--Like I said... I'm sure he'll be back up at #1 before long. I love Rent. <3

2. Scissor Sisters (21 plays)
--I'm not sure how I got into them... I just sort of found them on the internet and decided to give them a listen. "Better Luck Next Time" is my current favorite.

3. Stine J (20 plays)
--That's all one song... "You Are My Sunshine", from Mr. and Mrs. Smith and an episode of Queer as Folk. I love it.

4. Panjabi MC (18 plays)
--That's just one song too... "Mundian to Bach Ke". I love it, it's so cool.

5. Robbie Williams (13 plays)
--I've always had a thing for him... I just downloaded some more of his stuff last weekend.

5. Panic! at the Disco (13 plays)
--Eh, what can I say? I love Panic!.

7. Matchbook Romance (12 plays)
--Mostly one song... "Monsters". SilverEagle5 sent it to me, and I've been listening it constantly since then.

8. KT Tunstall (11 plays)
--Again, one song... "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree". Katharine McPhee sang it on Idol last week.

8. NTrance Feat. Rod Stewart (11 plays)
--One song... "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy". From A Night at the Roxbury and Queer as Folk, among other things, I'm sure.

10. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (10 plays)
--One song again: Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Michael and Ben's honeymoon sex song. <3

Unique Artists: 174
Total Tracks: 349
Total Plays: 507

Top tracks:

1. You Are My Sunshine (20 plays)
2. Mundian to Bach Ke (18 plays)
3. Better Luck Next Time (12 plays)
4. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (11 plays)
5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (10 plays)
5. Monsters (10 plays)
7. Heal Me, I'm Heartsick (9 plays)
8. Wasting My Time (8 plays)
9. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree (7 plays)
10. You Are My Joy (6 plays)


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