• total lulz

    3 Jul 2008, 10:57

    CUE THE TEENYBOPPPER WTF REACTIONS! Also, keep this quote in mind for added lulz:

    brheath (06.29.08 | 1:12 PM)

    Reading these comments was the best start to a day I've had in a while. "How long does it take 4 the guy to start singing?" --- hah. Heaven forbid they hear of a band called Explosions in the Sky! It's also rather amazing to see the dramatic difference of writing styles depending on whether you are pro/anti No Age.

    Spelling/grammar errors kept intact.


    What are they thinking? Spending all this money for this? If i'm trying to sell to win... you think "Go Hard or Go Home" this should not be the video of their album they're going to need to bring quality content to mtv to go platinum! Not impressive... NEXT!

    Way to quote an MTV show. Not.


    Can i please get the last 4minutes of my life back....Wow total waste of time!

    SingerGuyBlu (06.28.08 | 1:10 PM)

    Okay, so um.... what in the world was that? Lol. Fisrt of all, never heard of these guys before,a nd now, I know why. I never thought they were going to sing, and then, when they finally did I was kind of like, "What in the world are they saying?" but, maybe I didn't want to know. I have never been high before but, this was one bad trip. What was the point of any of it?


    how long does it take 4 the guy to start singing? and when he starts to sings he only sings like for 30 seconds and i dont understand what he is sayin this song really suckz


    It's 2 min. into the video and I still don't understand what the hell is going on! I'm surprised anybody watched the video this long!


    the beginning is extremely boring... the beat sucks and there are no words


    Ok, I created an account just so I could comment on this... As an Eraser fan, I must say that this is TOTAL CRAP. Go ahead Zebrahead, make my day :).


    I must now admit I am a total idiot. I thought this was Erasure. I am retarded.

    Yes, you sure are.


    WTF is this about?

    Tim Davenport

    I don't like this song bcuase it's to my instrumental. Not enough lyrics. The video's cool though

    Just read the bolded bit.


    i don't really understand this.


    as far as the video goes i totally luved it!! but i think the voice was distorted 2 much && there wasn't enough lyrics =/ yet, the music rocked!....just wish there was more singing =]

    Distorted? Get your ears checked.


    The video looked like they picked up a camcorder and started filming. Worse song and video. to much instrumental and not enough singing/or even talking. Ew.


    This video is cool, but the sound effects are like a vaqqum machine...seriously this song is weeeiirrdd =/


    videos pretty cool.. the effects.. but too much leading up to song.. then not enough song instruments way too loud and lyrics way too soft.. 3/10 is all it gets from me


    Sounds like a highschool punk garage band. The vocals aren't clear enough. Basically it sucks. It sounds to easy. The drums are easy. It's just......immature music. Like not fully grown like a kid.

    mamii4u2envii love punk and rock music but this video sucked.the guitar was so loud you couldn't even hear the vocalist.and the video looked low thought it was going to be a cool song but i couldn't even hear the lyrics=[[


    This video takes way too long they need to speed up


    WOW>>>>are u freakin cereal



    I don't really know what is going on, I mean they come off the roof and then the guy gets flour throw nat him, then they start racing? I'm not sure where they're going with this one..?


    even though i d0nt like r0ck dat much this song/video is making me to not like it more and more.. its plain boring and it sucks..they are just running all over the place,,which is really dumb and lame ..

    Kids: stay in school.


    it was colorful and i like colcr but it just totally confused me and it sounded good but it couldnt hear the vocals...

    Ten people say they can't hear the vocals. For fuck's sake.


    it like i will never get that 3 min. back thanks

    You're welcome.


    Its good but it has new band all over it but with some time they will rule

    They've been around since 2005. LOL.


    this has to one of the stupidest videos i've ever seen it takes wayyy to long for the music to start and i hate the music when it does start i hate this kind of music it sucks ass !!


    this video is about life ya right this really doesnt make sense to me and why does the guy get hit in the face with powder come on they couldnt have had a better video for a song about life

    A song about life? Read the lyrics?


    I would rather shove scalding hot needles through my ear drums than ever hear this song again! You can't hear the vocals over the instruments. A real artist and musician would not let something this bad go out to the public! Honestly, how could someone like this? More importantly how did they get a record deal?!?!

    Get your ears che- oh wait, you'd rather put scalding hot needles into your eardrums instead. I'm absolutely sorry.
    EDIT: Clearly you weren't meant to see Ichi the Killer then.


    I dont like this video, It makes like no sence at all! LAMEE.


    wat exactly do this band think they're at the guys lookin femine, wats up with the bucket of this ppl are killin music for real...i hope u guys didnt pay the director.....WACK!



    ah-noy-ing the song is lyk 30 sc. long boo! they need 2 put a video out for support and there best song is only 30 sc. so they added extra stuff we dint need its like a long commercail im starting 2 hate!!!

    30 seconds long? You ever see the little counter at the bottom right of the stream? Yeah...

    Wow. See how close-minded, ignorant and retarded the MTV generation is?

    Also, eleven people say they can't hear Dean's vocals and therefore need to get their ears checked. If you're one of those TL;DR types, just read the bold bits.