An Anti Valentines Day Play List


12 Feb 2007, 16:17

RealityFrom their self titled Debut, this songs great chorus sums it up well
"i dont need you anymore, I'm not the man, you're looking for"

Round & RoundFrom the album Technique, another Bernard Sumner heartbreaker. key lyric "this picture you see is no portrait of me, its too real to be shown to someone i dont know.."

It's Not Right, But It's OkProbably Whitney Houstons best song since "I Will Love You" in this over-dramafied kiss off to a cheating lover. key lyric: "No its not right, but its ok, im gonna make it anyways.."

ImmatureBjork chides herself for lettin her man complete her life! "how could i have been so immature to think you could replace the missing elements in me"

SurvivorThe best, I left you and Im back on top song, cuz you know she aint gonna diss you on the Internets, and shes not going to compromise her Christianity!(well based on their clothes and dancing, thats questionable)

Separate Livesft Marilyn Matlin. You might hate Phil, but there is a tender sadness and honesty to this one "you have no right, to ask me how i feel, you have no right, to speak to me so kind..."

relections and Keep Me Hanging OnI love a good Motown heartache song. They are so immediate. So honest. key lyrics "everywhere i turn, seems like everything i see, reflects a love that used to be" and "let me get over you the way you've gotten over me, yeah"


  • annyR

    saw your journal on survivor page (amazing song). I loved the idea of anti-valentine's day, so I'm gonna try these other tracks also. There are just sooo many sad break-up songs, or mushy love songs--esp hard to hear after a break-up. I made myself a theraputic playlist about getting over it, called Love Rx-Good Riddance, so try it sometime and tell me if any of them suit you. Many months have passed, so maybe this valentine's day will be better! :P

    10 Ene 2008, 20:50
  • annyR

    Some of my songs are more angry-type songs-- lol, mostly what I wished I would have said or felt, not how I really was/am. Hence theraputic. Make sense? Fellow Chicagoan here.

    10 Ene 2008, 20:57
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