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29 Ago 2006, 22:00

I got an email from Jillaclogs72, who'd bought the Oddskool album Two Ways To Listen describing each of her favourite tracks:

"Hong Kong"

Ko Chang and Splang
"Crowded alien urban poky"

My Memory
"Morphic . A musical landscape is created by layers of volume and qualities of sound to give depth, evoking foreground and background. I liked the stereo effects at the end"

Sonic Delight
"This wants to be coreographed, lots of interesting movement. I heard Michael Nyman's first attempt at music (with dancers) and I think yours is better than his"

Diet Hogan
"Menacing. If I were to put this on in the car I would drive ly"

No Smirking
" and "

Micro Jackson
"Inaccessible, hard to connect with. Like a hologram but every time you move you head back it's subtly different from before"

"Nice textural contrasts, pleasing"

"Replication, mutation, contortion"

"Bloaty and "

The Treacle Mines
"Perky, I'm getting s"

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  • carbon_monoxide

    1 Monostril 121 1 Vinegar 121 3 Diet Hogan 113 4 Cola 99 5 Kandinsky 84 6 No Smirking 22 7 Pepper 19 8 Sonic Delight 16 9 Ko Chang and Splang 13 9 Micro Jackson 13 11 The Treacle Mines 12 12 My Memory 11 13 Monostrill 2 [b]14 Wiggle It (2inaroom vs Matt Caffyn Remix)[/b]

    9 Nov 2006, 8:53
  • asktoby

    Yeah in retrospect I probably shouldn't have tagged that mp3 before I released it :D

    17 Nov 2006, 17:59
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