Dwele; W.orld W.ants W.omen (released June 2010)


7 Jul 2010, 19:38

This is the list in order of the song, and my opinion on each:

* 1. Wants - Like
* 2. I Wish - Dislike
* 3. Grown - Like; At first I didnt like it but it grew on me around 2:00 I think I could totally bump this in the car
* 4. Dodgin’ Your Phone - Like; I’m really diggin the horns on this one, a classic example of Dwele’s songs. I was debating whether or not David Banner was neccessary but his verse was fun.
* 5. Dim The Lights - Like; Def a sexy song.
* 6. World - Like/Love
* 7. How I Deal - Dislike
* 8. Hangover - Like/Love
* 9. My People - Love (This is the Dwele I love)
* 10. Detroit Sunrise - Like/Love ; Monica Blaire was UNECCESSARY on this Track. I actually really prefer Dwele’s songs when he’s by himself. He is such a great artist that way, he doesn’t need other artist to enhance his tracks. Oh and that part at the very last second when the records fades, is my favorite part.
* 11. Woman - Indifferent/Disliked; Eh, It wasn’t much of a song and kind of Biased.
* 12. I Understand - Like
* 13. Love You Right - Like (Sounds like an old 80’s love song)
* 14. More Than A - Love
* 15. What’s Not To Love - Like
* 16. Give Me A Chance - Indifferent
* 17. I Wanna - Dislike

Overall the album was great. But my personal I don’t really like it. I like it, but not as much as his other albums. I like the old Dwele when he incorporated more instruments into his songs and was more creative with his music. Songs like Travelin' Girl, Flapjacks, Old Lovas, Day At A Time, Twuneanunda etc. The concepts were great back then, but now I think he is trying to keep up with today’s R&B/Neo-Soul. Personally, I miss the sounds from his previous albums Subject, Some Kinda, and even his last most recent, Sketches Of A Man. I adore each one of those albums but to me, this album was a let down.

On this album, I believe he created an album for he sales and not the fans. The true fans who know all of his albums (Even Rize, which was a personal release), know that the sound of this album is not like his previous. His older sounds included much more differing instruments like his signature horns, drums, piano etc, None of that digital sounds of today's new R&B/Neo-Soul sounds and on this album. An example of his trying conform to today’s music is adding David Banner to a track. ………… Some combination there and not really necessary.

My thoughts are He conformed his sound and released his album around the popularity of Kanye West's Power joint and ride on its success, hoping it will up his sales and exposure.

Right move for sales, wrong move for the fans.


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