• Bands I have seen

    18 Dic 2010, 18:36

    Let's see here:

    29.5.2010 Hey You (Pink Floyd Tribute)
    14.7.2010 Warped Tour 2010
    -Reel Big Fish
    -I See Stars
    -Bring Me the Horizon
    -Hey Monday (acoustic set)
    -Eyes Set to Kill
    -Parkway Drive
    -Pierce the Veil
    -Andrew W.K.
    -Artist vs. Poet
    -Every Time I Die
    -and probably more that I saw I don't remember any right now though
    24.7.2010 Headbang For the Highway (Absence of Light played)
    11.9.2010 Music is Art Festival
    -Absence of Light
    -Final Conspiracy
    11.8.2010 Thrash and Burn Tour 2010
    -Asking Alexandria
    -Born of Osiris
    -Evergreen Terrace
    -Greeley Estates
    -Stick to Your Guns
    -Absence of Light
    -Impending Doom
    22.9.2010 The Anti-Hero Tour
    -Bleeding Through
    -After the Burial
    -The Word Alive
    -For Today
    -Absence of Light
    10.10.2010 Bullet For My Valentine
    -Escape the Fate
    -Black Tide
    -Drive A

    27.11.2010 The Bella Donna
    -Absence of Light
    -Don't Be A Hero
    -Miss the Mark

    12.2.2011 For Today
    -Stray From the Path
    -Texas in July

    And a few more local shows nobody really cares about haha