• at last...

    14 Feb 2007, 7:57

    Just when I was about to freak out with my brains burnt with all the Michael Hedges, Michael Gulezian, Preston Reed and Justin King records, just when I thought there is no hope for someone who does the tapping thing with the guitar with fresh ideas and that it is listenable... there she is. Kaki King.

    First glance on her Everybody Loves You was a mess, meaning "well, cool technique is not just a very good reason (a sufficient one) to make a whole CD". The second one (both glance and the album) was much better, though. Everybody Loves You reminds me the self-titled Justin King's debut - many fantastic sounds, a lot of magnificent technique, but... short of the music itself.

    The second Kaki's album is a whole different story. Deep, touching, unbelievable. Somewhere between the CD's Kaki seemed to realise that great tapping technique is just one of tools for making good music. The tapping track are only a part of the CD, and they are much more grown-up, just like in the case of Justin's second CD,Le Bleu, or even better.

    And finally, the king of the tracks:Doing the Wrong Thing. It just shows the very best there is in the whole CD. Everything is there - the story, the space, the heart... Radiohead-like trance guitar, drums like in old Raz Dwa Trzy tunes (I tak warto żyć)... just magnificent.

    Can't wait to hear Kaki's latest, ...Until We Felt Red.

    By the way, isn't it funny? Michael Hedges - Michael Gulezian, Justin King - Kaki King... Is there any other Bela Something or Whoever Fleck? :-)