A Mystery Solved


5 Feb 2009, 19:15

Forever ago, in the glory-days of Napster and Kazaa, I discovered Radiohead (hurrah!) and amidst the 28.8kb/s hunt for b-sides and rarities on other people’s computers found myself in possession of a song called Cogs. It was a weird and haunting song that seemed to fit right into the Kid A/Amnesiac theme but didn’t fit with GreenPlastic’s suggestion that Cogs was an alternate title for Last Flowers.

It became this anomaly in my collection, Radiohead but not, and I forgot about it until today, when I thought I’d scan it with Last.fm’s command line fingerprinter which told me:
<track confidence="0.245223">
<artist>Ennio Morricone</artist>
<title>Man With A Harmonica</title>
Which wasn’t what I expected at all.

But now a six-year odd mystery has been solved and I’d love to know how the fingerprinter works. Probably some hairy maths .. it’s impressive it can figure these things, especially now they're automatically redirected.

It’s still an excellent song.

// Some other connections for posterity: Ennio Morricone, Man With a Harmonica.


  • Tecfan

    I love the command line fingerprinter.. it helped me solve a mystery as well.

    8 Nov 2009, 22:34
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