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8 Ene 2009, 13:05

Okay. I only have access to this computer and my MP3's a couple times a week (I am computerless at home), and since I'm too poor for an iPod, I listen to CD's at home or on my Discman when I'm not around. (Yes. I said Discman. :oP) This naturally means that there is a lot of music that goes unaccounted for, or uncharted, here on my Last FM profile.

I decided that I'd start keeping track of what I listened to when I'm away and post about it in a weekly journal. As I track what I listen to, I try to mark the approximate start time of when I began listening to something. So far, I've been pretty good with this, but I'm on my first week. We'll see how well I keep up with that, or any of this, by March 1st. LOL

Anyway, without further ado, the first installment of...


Week 1 - January 1st - 6th, 2009

January 1st

[9:30-ish PM : The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina/The Machines of God

*Note: Listened to track 3, Stand Inside Your Love, twice in a row before moving on to track 4 and the rest of the album.

11:46 PM : Portishead - Dummy (North American version with "It's a Fire")

January 2nd

12:47 AM : Portishead - Dummy (again)

January 3rd

It was a day of Tori Amos compilation discs I made, for the most part.

4:25 PM : Tori Amos - 'Jacket In June' - a compilation by aquadonia

The title of this playlist-turned-compilation CD was a fake song title used in one of the many fake album promos hoaxes of 2007, created just before any details of American Doll Posse came out. For some reason, it inspired me to make this playlist some time after ADP was released (hence all the tracks from it that are included).

Here is the track order:

01. Take Me With You
02. Bouncing off Clouds
03. Big Wheel
04. Dolphin Song
05. Snow Cherries From France
06. Peeping Tommi
07. Digital Ghost
08. Teenage Hustling
09. Not David Bowie
10. Code Red
11. Beauty of Speed
12. Girl Disappearing
13. Angels
14. Roosterspur Bridge
15. Operation Peter Pan
16. Garlands

5:41 PM : Tori Amos - 'Tori Trax' - a compilation by aquadonia

Various songs, many of them the same from the 'Jacket In June' disc, so I skipped some. Here's the tracks I listened to and their respective sequence numbers on the disc...

Tracks listened to:

03. Merman
05. Mary
06. Siren
07. Ruby Through the Looking Glass
08. Seaside
09. Apollo's Frock
10. Tombigbee
11. Mountain
12. After All (David Bowie cover)
13. Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper cover)
15. Amazing Grace/Til the Chicken

6:42 PM : Tori Amos - 'More Tori Trax' - a compilation by aquadonia

Again, some repeated tracks I skipped over (I really ought to pay closer attention to what I put on these Tori compilations. lol), so listed are the tracks I listened to and their respective track numbers on the disc.

Tracks listened to:

01. Ode to the Banana King, Pt. 1
02. Black Swan
04. Sister Named Desire
05. Alamo
08. Do It Again
09. Cooling
10. Bachelorette
11. Purple People (Christmas in Space) or just Purple People
12. Hey Jupiter (live)
13. Upside Down (live)

7:35 PM : Tori Amos - a disc with Scarlet's Hidden Treasures & the 'new' tracks from A Piano

Tracks listened to were...

01. Walk To Dublin
05. Zero Point

9:01 PM : Tori Amos - "Zero Point" (again)

10 PM : Portishead - Portishead

*Note: Listened to this album 3 times in a row*

January 4th

12:37 AM : Portishead - "Undenied"
12:41 AM : Portishead - "Over"
12:46 AM : Portishead - "Only You"

2 PM hour : Tori Amos - Boys for Pele
(minus "Blood Roses" and "Professional Widow", as I was listening with my 3 year old. lol)

2:56 PM : U2 - Achtung Baby

My 3 year old daughter had requested U2, so I put this in. We had only listened to first half of the album when she decided that she'd rather hear Porcupine Tree. lol

Which means we listened to the tracks Zoo Station, Even Better Than the Real Thing, One, Until the End of the World, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses & So Cruel.

3:26 PM : Porcupine Tree - Warszawa

5:24 PM : I put in Björk - Vespertine, but didn't get past track 1, Hidden Place.

January 5th

11:21 AM : Björk - Vespertine

12:24 PM : PJ Harvey - White Chalk

1:06 PM : Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell pt. 1

1:41 PM : Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

2:40 PM : Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

3:19 : Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

Okay, now for some Porcupine Tree compilation discs I made...

4:01 PM : Porcupine Tree - 'Drown With Me' - a compilation by aquadonia


01. Drown With Me
02. Mellotron Scratch
03. Pure Narcotic
04. Nine Cats (Acoustic Version Demo Version)
05. Trains
06. .3
07. Heartattack in a Layby
08. Collapse the Light Into Earth
09. Glass Arm Shattering

5:50 PM : Porcupine Tree - 'Buying New Soul' - a compilation by aquadonia


01. Buying New Soul
02. I Fail (unreleased demo)
03. Wake as Gun I (Demo Version)
04. Chloroform
05. Stars Die
06. My Ashes
07. Don't Hate Me
08. Sentimental
09. Half-Light
10. A Smart Kid
11. Cure for Optimism

January 6th

11:21-ish AM : Porcupine Tree - 'Selections Two' - a compilation by aquadonia


01. Waiting Phase One
02. Sever
03. Every Home Is Wired
04. Even Less
05. Slave Called Shiver
06. Don't Hate Me
07. Stranger by the Minute
08. A Smart Kid
09. Cure for Optimism

12:24 PM Elbow - "The Bones of You"

12:41 PM : Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement (Deluxe)

Bonus tracks from the second disc I listened to were: Orchid, The Guy Who Leaves, Madness & Limbo No More.

5:06 PM : Blackfield - Blackfield II

5:56 Pm : Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell pt. 1

And that was January 1st - 6th. Lots of Porcupine Tree and Tori Amos this time around, as well as Ryan Adams (I've really got to get the full Love Is Hell album, as I'm absolutely in love with Love Is Hell Pt.1 at the moment).

Until the next installment...



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