<3 absolutely wonderful acid jazz adult idols akb48 amazing amazing cover atsushi sakurai b-side is better ballad bang your head on the walls and scream histerically beautiful best single ever catchy chinese classic rock come back ffs cute downtempo dream on eargasm eargasm everytime english engrish ethereal experimental fierce first i was like wth funkyyy funkyyyy give me back my fucking pic-a-nic basket you son of a bitch god does exist harmony and bliss have hope hello project hello! project i am ninja here is my soundtrack i could have lived without this i must disagree on this i wish i had a dog called bambi i wish i had been born in the middle ages idol if this were a pokemon i would catch it in the mood for violence is this rock or what japanese japanese pop japanese rock just singing along korean korean pop legendary lelio lelio lelio fucking dj listen to more love at first listen lovely lovely mood made of fucking win make more music makes everything feel a little brighter makes me want to drown my sorrrows in alcohol and i am not even a drinker melted my heart officially not shit omg fairies omg so nice on repeat party on perfection please come back please come back down john progressive rock psychedelic rock queen remix ringo rocks seduction sex she is a gift singer-songwriter smooth songs that grabbed my heart and soul and will never let go again stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood sweet these dreaming voices trip to faraway lands was better before weird but sweet wine and cigarettes worst ever wrong autocorrect