• Girl Talk -- The View from the Stage

    18 Ene 2011, 14:03

    Sat 15 Jan – Girl Talk, Penguin Prison

    So, as it happens, with research and a little determination, it is possible to be one of the stage dancers at a Girl Talk concert. I need to look into this for my next Flaming Lips concert. What a time! I was dressed up as a skeleton and my friends were in various bizarre outfits of their own.

    I can say this: Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk IS in fact mixing live on stage. The guy's a genius. He gave up his job as a lab microbiologist for this stuff.

    In any case, this review's about the show. I'll put out the not-so-good part first. From stage, the music is a little loud and drowned-out. You can still hear it, but it wasn't 100% perfect sounding. But who really cares! We were dancing on stage at one of the sickest musical experiences ever! Seeing the audience staring back up at me was incredible and dry-humping random hot chicks on stage was not planned but certainly not something I felt the need to shy away from. Crazy crowd but everybody was incredibly nice.

    Of all the musical experiences I've said have been the high point for me at some time or another, I think dancing on stage at Girl Talk with my roommate and friends really takes the fucking cake. Hell yea!!!!

    ALL DAY!
  • Want to see but haven't

    10 Ene 2011, 21:53

    In vaguely descending order

    Daft Punk
    Nine Inch Nails
    Ghostland Observatory
    Sleigh Bells (coming soon with CSS, no less!)
    The Knife
    The xx
    Smashing Pumpkins (it's tricky as it's not the band so much as the Billy Corgan show, but up until and including Mellon Collie was my favorite band)
    Nellie McKay
    Rob Zombie
    Black Moth Super Rainbow
    La Roux
    The Ting Tings
    First Aid Kit
  • Seen Live

    19 Nov 2010, 13:47

    I'm going to try and follow this trend. I plan to make this more chronological. It's also currently missing many artists. I'm adding as I remember.


    __Jingle Bell Jam (Connecticut)____
    Heather Nova (so I'm told -- it's been a minute -- I thought I saw The Rentals)
    The Toadies

    __Free Earth Day Concert (Connecticut)____
    The Barenaked Ladies

    __Lollapalooza 1997 (Hartford, Connecticut)____
    Snoop Dogg

    __Woodstock '99 (Rome, New York)____
    The Offspring
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers
    George Clinton (x2)

    __(San Diego, California)____
    Jane's Addiction

    __Free Press SummerFest 2010 (Houston, Texas)____
    The Flaming Lips
    Girl Talk
    Kid Sister
    Mix Master Mike
    Medeski Martin & Wood

    __Austin City Limits Music Festival 2010 (Zilker Park, Austin, Texas)____
    Phish (x4)
    LCD Soundsytem
    The Flaming Lips
    Beach House

    __FunFunFunFest 2010 (Waterloo Park, Austin, Texas)____
    Cap'n Jazz
    The Antlers

    Againts Me!
    Regina Spektor
    Paul McCartney
    Jack Johnson
    Collective Soul
    "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Appleseed Cast
    Ariel Pink
    Man Man
    The Dirty Projectors
    Deakin (of Animal Collective)
    Dillinger Escape Plan
    Buried Alive
    Shai Hulud
    Kaki King
    Jean Grae
    Pharoahe Monch
    Best Coast
    The Script
    Unwritten Law (x2)
    The Blue Meanies
    The Aquabats
    Foxy Shazam
    Tsunami Bomb
    Less Than Jake (x2)
    Whole Wheat Bread (x2)
    My Chemical Romance
    Duran Duran
    Mix Master Mike
    Donovan Frankenreiter
    Miike Snow
    The Black Keys
    Vampire Weekend
    Matt and Kim
    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
    Devendra Banhart
    The Morning Benders
    Norah Jones
    Stars [2]

    Astronautalis (x3)
    That 1 Guy
    Binary Sunrise (x2)
    This Will Destroy You

    Cosmic Dust Bunnies
    The New Deal

    2011, January 15
    Penguin Prison
    Girl Talk (x2) ON STAGE!

    A Skylit Drive (bleh)
    Animals As Leaders

    The Flaming Lips [3]
    Neon Indian

    Wavves [2]
    Best Coast

    Rocco D.....
    Ugly Lion
  • Astronautalis -- First Ever Sold-Out U.S. Show

    15 Nov 2010, 1:20

    Fri 12 Nov – Astronautalis

    Astronautalis himself commented that this was his first-ever sold-out U.S. show after 7 years of shows and a two-year tour consisting of 300-400 stops. What better way to end a tour but where it all started? 11 years ago, Andy Bothwell, the given name of Astro, saw Get Up Kids at Rubber Gloves. Now, full-circle, he's on the stage selling out shows with a line around the building.

    The opening acts didn't particularly impress me. The first band, Bad Design, had good guitar hooks but the singer's voice was flat and dragged it down. That said, I only caught maybe their last two songs. Ghetto $lang had great enthusiasm and really tried to shake things up, but every song had the exact same beat. I think, with work, they could have potential.

    Around 12:30, Astro hit the stage. And didn't let go until they made him at the 2am closing. He did not one, not two, but three full freestyles. The audience sang along and the whole building felt like they were on stage with him. Astro has a way of connecting with people and spent much of his college years in Denton so he has plenty of old friends there.

    The first freestyle included such topics as home school soccer and the Fibonacci sequence but it was this line from the freestyle that summed up the night: "No one man should have all this goddamn power. I don't have any; y'all gave it to me, I borrowed it for an hour." He followed it up with a whole freestyle dedicated to the one topic he forgot to include in the first: Jeff Bridges. The freestyle ended up becoming about how "The Big Lebowski" changed his life and was awesome to share. He also treated us to some new material he's working on for his upcoming album. A line struck me as the epitome of his work ethic and what sets him apart from all the hip hoppers today: "We ain't tough; we just deal with whatever comes up." and "Tell me this, put up your fingertips if you're living your life exactly the way exactly the way that you wish. For the rest of us with our hands on our hips, our work is never done" Astro doesn't write about the superfluous; he writes about life. He writes for us.

    As for the hardest working emcee I know of, within a day or two, he was already back in the studio, starting work on his next album, but this was a night I'll never forget.

    Be sure to catch him open up for Doomtree at Hailey's in Denton Wednesday night! $12 over 21, $14 under. GET THERE EARLY!!!!