BON JOVI - Old Trafford 24th June 2011


25 Jun 2011, 21:13

BON JOVI - Old Trafford 24th June 2011

Wow Wow Wow, Awesome - the rain poured down, 'Jon' and the crowd were soaked to the skin - but we all had the time of our lives - the air was electric as 'Jon' sang his heart out, and 'Richie' belted out the rifts.

The band were amazed at the crowds participation, that even the lashing rain couldn't dampen our spirits - hands were in the air, and voices loud, at the thrill of this truly amazing band. There were people of all ages there, from about 10 - 80, it was my first time of seeing them (at 48 years of age), and they made me feel like a teenager again!

So glad 'Richie' is back from Rehab, don't leave us again, pleeease, it would't be the same without you, like a hand without a finger, your rifts and voice are one of a kind - 'Jon' is a inspiration to all, and Tico and Dave were the other two band members to bring the sound perfection together. Not forgetting the two session musicians that helped to make this gig wonderfully remembered.

Even though cold rain poured, and the sky was murky grey, the sun shone that evening in Manchester through the voices, music and smiles of "the greatest Rock and Roll band in the world" BON JOVI
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