Chart Changes Greasemonkey Script Version 0.7


23 Feb 2006, 15:53

I have released a new version of the chart changes script fixes a bug that would incorrectly mark some chart items as new. Thanks to IanAR for the bug report.

Download and install at as usual.

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  • Sylviofurtado

    thanks Andrew!! now I know how your script works (it took a month and a few posts from you so I could figure out) I´m enjoying it a lot!!! keep up the good work!! everybody should use it!! should be default for!

    24 Feb 2006, 0:51
  • andrew_j_w

    Glad to help :-)

    24 Feb 2006, 11:53
  • PsychoticDude85

    Nice, I updated mine :)

    24 Feb 2006, 17:05
  • Yourstokeep

    first time i downloaded it, and i must say well done.. :D good work!

    24 Feb 2006, 21:49
  • andrew_j_w

    Occassionaly my server suffers from large memory spikes that slow it down dramatically. I keep trying to work out what it is that causes them, but I can't seem to fix it. You aren't doing anything wrong, and it seems to be working fine at the moment.

    25 Feb 2006, 12:10
  • GenKreton

    I've been using this script for a while. It works great for me :)>

    25 Feb 2006, 19:44
  • andrew_j_w

    Thanks :-)

    27 Feb 2006, 16:48
  • ciemno

    can you describe how it works? :>

    29 Ene 2007, 21:15
  • SinghRajput


    13 Abr 2013, 11:13
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