Artists I've Seen Live (ongoing)


29 Abr 2009, 7:19

Alright, time to start the obligatory "artists I've seen live" journal entry.

*2nd St. Rag Stompers
*Acts of Sedition
*Against Empire x2
*Aghast (Virginia crust)
*Altar of Plagues
*Amber Asylum
*The American Black Lung
*Angelo Spencer
*Annihilation Time x2
*Ash Borer x I lost count after about 5 times
*Asylum Street Spankers
*Backwoods Payback
*Bell Witch
*Bison B.C.
*Blackbird Raum x4
*Black Death All Stars
*Boots Riley (of The Coup)
*Braveyoung (formerly known as Giant)
*Chin Up, Meriwether!
*Choose Your Poison
*City of Ships
*The Communion
*Cop on Fire
*Corrupted (Japanese doom)
*The Coup
*The Crux x2
*Dandelion Junk Queens x3
*Dark Castle
*dead prez
*Dead Noise
*DEATHCOUNT x2 (LA d-beat)
*Defiance, Ohio
*Desperate Hours
*Die Young
*dogs of ire
*Drowning with Our Anchors x3
*Early Man
*Fell Voices
*Fight Amp
*Filth Mattress
*The Fistifucks
*Flak (PA thrash)
*Fleas and Lice
*Flower Violence x2 or 3
*From The Depths (North Carolina CrimethInc-connected band)
*Germ Attack
*Ghetto Blaster
*Gone To Croatoan
*Hail Seizures x2
*High on Fire
*Hi Ho Silver, Away!
*I object!
*In Disgust
*In Possession
*Instant Asshole x3 (saw their last show)
*Iron Lung
*Jason Webley x2
*Jeffrey Lewis x2
*Kimya Dawsonx2
*La Plebe x2
*Lack of Interest
*Leftöver Crack
*Leper (ska-crust?)
*Liz Alex Guy (aka Led to Sea) x2
*Loom x2
*The Lord Weird Slough Feg
*Lozen x3
*Matty Pop Chart
*Mike XVX x2
*Moloch (UK)
*Mournful Congregation
*Mouth Sewn Shut
*Mundo Muerto x2
*Negative Standards
*Nux Vomica x2
*The Old Haunts
*Order of the Vulture
*Over Vert
*Pills (SF punk band)
*The Pine Hill Haints
*Punkin pie
*Quick Attack
*Ramming Speed
*Raw Nerves x2
*Short Changed x2
*Sista Sekunden
*Squalora x2
*Stormcrow (Oakland, CA crust/doom) x3
*Svarta Tankar
*Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde (former singer of Anti-Product, though much different music)
*They As In Them
*This Moment in Black History
*This Runs On Blood x3
*Thrones x2
*Tim'm West
*Toxic Narcotic x2
*Transient x2
*Vault Dweller
*Velnias x3
*Vindictive Bitches
*Wah Wah Exit Wound
*Wake The Machines
*Wartorn (Wisconsin crust)
*Watercolor Paintings
*What Shame
*White Manna
*Wolves in the Throne Room x3
*The World/Inferno Friendship Society (it was a basement show!)


  • littlestnerd

    Impressive. I should make a list like this

    30 Abr 2009, 1:54
  • anarcho_atlatl

    I was thinking it would be funny to put Summoning and Xasthur on there for that very reason. But I won't

    6 May 2009, 0:16
  • theoneofshadows

    I have seen many lists like this, and yours is one of the few that have impressed me.

    9 Jun 2009, 21:49
  • anarcho_atlatl

    Scarius--They were cool. Honestly though, apart from online before the show, I had never actually listened to them. I got one of their cds there though and got some other stuff from friends after it because they were definitely really good. And very loud. I forgot I had earplugs in, and when I realized it and took them out to see how loud the show really was I was blown away. The singer was really intense and seemed like a nice guy after the show.

    2 Jul 2009, 0:19
  • xbatmitex

    Short Changed US Tour Soon....

    21 May 2010, 19:19
  • Croconaw-159

    This is an awesome idea dude. I think I might do this xD

    15 Ago 2011, 8:25
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