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21 Jun 2010, 22:59

Mon 21 Jun 2010 – Massive Attack
That was so fucking awesome.

Sorry to everyone who was in the first line and had to endure my headbanging. Namely, the guy to my right side who didn't move a finger the whole concert (except when his jersey fell on the floor), and the guy to the left side, who was hitting on the girl immediately next to me on my left side, who seemed to enjoy the concert more than him and danced. (Seriously, he seemed to start moving only because he was jealous that she and I were dancing so much. Well, she was dancing, I headbanged myself into drunk-like state. Or maybe that was the passive weed smoking? I dunno.)

Martina Topley-Bird was a "warm-up" "band", but, needless to say, she was an event on its own.

I don't know her songs, so her setlist is a mystery to me, and I didn't tweet like a retard after every song, but I'm pretty sure this was our setlist (copy/pasted from somewhere):

1. United Snakes
2. Babel
3. Risingson
4. Girl I Love You
5. Psyche
6. Future Proof
7. ?? Invade Me ??
8. Teardrop
9. Mezzanine
10. Angel
11. Safe From Harm
12. Inertia Creeps
13. Splitting the Atom
14. Unfinished Sympathy
15. Atlas Air
16. Karmacoma

Also, there was one song that 3D marked as "experimental" and sang it with Martina, but I have no idea what was its name. Not sure it was Invade Me, looking at its youtube videos, but I'm kinda drunk now, so who cares.

Also, as you can guess from the setlist, guests were, Martina Topley-Bird, Horace Andy and Shara Nelson some other girl.

A nice touch were trivia bits displayed during Girl I Love You - like the amount of oil released into the Gulf of Mexico, BP's profits for last year, amount of oil in Iraq, etc. Also, after Karmacoma, the screen displayed "beyond petroleum" with bp's logo.


  • _urbat

    Sorry, no Shara Nelson.

    22 Jun 2010, 17:05
  • analytik

    Shit, who was it then? I don't really know the names and faces, so I just assumed it was the original interpreter. Thanks for the info.

    22 Jun 2010, 17:08
  • hanysek

    It was Yolanda Quartey, I think.

    23 Jun 2010, 6:51
  • hanysek

    After little bit searching, it supposed to be Deborah Miller..

    23 Jun 2010, 20:51
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