Some Bands I discovered with / highly recommended (full songs inside)


24 Nov 2007, 22:51

Callisto - Wormwood

Reminds me of Isis and Cult of Luna. Sounds epic , but with a very warm and soothing sound, a little jazzy and totally unique!

I Pilot Daemon - Waterlily & The Drunk Lovers

I have no idea how to describe this band, but they sound simply awesome. Dark, heavy, emotional and cold at the same time. Knut and Envy with a bit of Converge maybe... You can listen to most of their songs on the Artist page!

Anomie - Avorter n'est pas tuer

Raw but melodic french Screamo with male & female vocals.

Reflux - Above The Pyramind And The Eye

Technical "Metalcore" with nice guitar work. Never mind the bad tagging....

Long Distance Calling - Fire In The Mountain

Instrumental Post-Rock from Germany. One of the best releases in this genre this year! For everyone who likes Pelican, Isis, Godspeed! etc., go check it out!

Baroness - The Birthing

This band sounds like the bastard child of Isis and Mastodon with lots of old school rock guitar lessons :)
You can check out the whole new cd on their page...

Cannae - Rats, Snakes and Thieves

They're labeled Metalcore, but I think modern (melodic)Death Metal is more fitting. Something along the line of The Black Dahlia Murder or Chimaira (with more balls though)

Nadja - Stays Demons

Two-Piece Drone Band. Relaxing and beautiful.

Check out my Playlist for more free songs. Enjoy!


  • amitY`

    Danke für die Blumen. Bei entdeckt man irgendwie fast täglich neue, gute Musik.

    13 Feb 2008, 13:00
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