The Sound of 1974


25 Ene 2008, 10:56

When I was a kid, we had an old "Top of the Pops" vinyl album from 1974 that I listened to again and again. Over the years it has struck me how many classic hits were actually on that record, and I have wanted to hear the songs again. Compared to various Top Hits-lists nowadays (which consist of music I hardly ever like), this is much more interesting, especially with the addition of childhood nostalgia.

So I started the project of reconstructing that record, but this time with only original recordings. I actually googled the album title and found a blog describing each track in the original order. I managed to get hold of all the tracks, could not wait to burn the CD and play it on my big stereo - but realised there was plenty of space for more music.

So what else was popular in 1974, I thought. My good friend Google showed me the huge number of music lists out there, and based on these, my personal taste and the criterion that all songs must be from hit lists, here is what I came up with (the first 14 tracks being my original vinyl record) - enough for an 80-minutes CD:

Very 70s pop sound:
You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me

Rock Your Baby

A beautiful love declaration, maybe a bit mushy for some:
Annie's Song

Party music:
Tiger Feet

The only Eurovision Song Contest winners ever to have made a real career?

Known to young people today through a Boyzone remake(!):
Love Me For A Reason

He's cool, and this was the only hit he made:
Kung Fu Fighting

Seasons in the Sun

Sad Sweet Dreamer

The Elvis Costello version from the movie "Notting Hill" might be better known today:

The naïve politics of the 70s:
Billy, Don't Be A Hero

When Will I See You Again

I simply love the screaming intro of this one:
Sugar Baby Love

Everything I Own

A superclassic:
Sweet Home Alabama

Come and Get Your Love

What would "Ally McBeal" have been without this song:
Hooked on a Feeling

Or this one, for that matter:
You're the First, the Last, My Everything

The Joker

Piano Man

The only artist on the list to make it to my real favorites:
Help Me


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