those songs that I would like to take with me into the future


15 Ago 2008, 1:26

My musical history is full of obscure, but nonetheless, fantastic songs that either came and went so quickly that they were doomed to fade from memory, or those that time is simply washing away, no matter their popularity at the time. I would desperately like to remember those for the future, so I'm listing them here.

As a child, I came across these in miscellaneous mix tapes and such. I would have fabulous concerts to there beats; having no idea to their real meanings.
So Happy Together
I Think We're Alone Now
Incense And Peppermints
In The Air Tonight
Fire and Rain

Then of course in elementary school I was into the obscenely poppy music of the Spice Girls and Britney Spears. More notably I fondly remember listening to Ray of Light and Loreena McKennitt. My mother also loved the song I Knew I Loved You notably.

And then came 5th grade when I started my first real mix tapes put together from the few radio stations that I could pull in from where I lived.
Scar Tissue
Somewhere Out There
Learn to Fly
Black Balloon
Hanging by a Moment
In the End
Drops of Jupiter
Everything You Want
One Headlight
Ordinary Day
All You Wanted
A Thousand Miles
Underneath Your Clothes
Just Like A Pill
I Turn to You
Days Go By
One Week
Pinch Me
To Where You Are
Bigger Than My Body
Brand New Day
Fields of Gold

Next came middle school. My musical taste were influenced mostly by adult swim (which introduced me to Daft Punk, which I think I listened to more repetitiously than even AFI perhaps. Also notably, the gorillaz.) and two mix cds I came across, one was given to me, the other I had to return and therefor have lost all those tracks to time. It took me up until recently to discover what all the tracks were, but here they are:
Crawling in the Dark
No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Kick Some Ass
Stick 'Em Up
Spit It Out
Wait and Bleed
My Plague
Black And White
The Way You Like It
Where's Your Head At?

From there, I went more in the direction of Basement Jaxx and owned Ace, Who needs guitars anyways?, Illusion, Dance Club 2001, and some others. Songs of which are notable:
We Are Alive
Don't Give Up
The last cd that I bought that was reminiscent of this stage before entering the next was probably the Queer Eye Soundtrack.
The Boys Of Summer

And then I believe it was towards the end of my Freshman year of high school that I began really discovering music. I began to get into AFI and my passion for music really began to blossom. I began to spend all the time I could sequester watching music videos on Fuse (before its ruin) and recording them on a mix tape video of sorts. I began gathering my friends cds and burning them for myself. It was a very magical time and probably the most heavily influential time on my musical tastes that I have yet encountered. I still enjoy this genre the best and follow these bands with a sort of religious devotion (although not the insane devotion I held in the first years of this transformation).
As I near the present and my memory is better intact, my lists shall get longer and more in depth. As this was certainly an explosion in musical exploration, no doubt it will be epic.
Meant to Live
Love Song
Silver and Cold
Rapid Hope Loss
Ocean Avenue
I Hate Everything About You
One Thing
I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Until the Day I Die
I Miss You
Bring Me To Life
Hold On
Hit That
Little Things
Fat Lip
In Too Deep
The Reason
The Leaving Song Pt.II
Girl's Not Grey
Way Away
In The Shadows
Same Direction
The Young and the Hopeless
Last Train Home
Wake Up (Make A Move)
Anthem of Our Dying Day
Breaking the Habit
So Cold
Take Me Out
Give It Up
Head On Collision
Fall Back Down
Seven Nation Army
The End Of The World
My Immortal
Time Is Running Out
A Favor House Atlantic
American Idiot
Getting Away With Murder
Ocean Breathes Salty
Somebody Told Me
Fall To Pieces
Dare You to Move
This Fire
All Downhill From Here
She's the Blade


  • Apollyon_

    Quite a journey. I've unfortunately had to find nearly all my music myself, although I remember being 10 and watching my 14 yr old cousin play Linkin Park and Slipknot. It went on from there for me...

    13 Oct 2008, 16:58
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