My reccomendations


28 Mar 2010, 17:50

Take the 50 top artists in your musical profile, and create a cloud of the similar artists that are not in your top 50. The result is a collection of highly recommended artists for your personal profile. You can generate your own cloud (in BBCode) at

My recommendations are
7and5 AH*NEE*MAH Aeoliah Andreas Vollenweider Anugama Balligomingo Beautiful World Bella Sonus Bernward Koch Catherine Duc Celtic Spirit Chris Spheeris Constance Demby Corciolli David Arkenstone Deuter Enam Enya Fauxliage Green Sun Gregorian Hilary Stagg Himekami Jens Gad Kamal Kate Price Kevin Kern Kevin Wood Liquid Mind Lisa Lynne Llewellyn Marcomé Michael Gettel Moya Brennan Nicholas Gunn Nightnoise Oliver Shanti Patrick O'Hearn Paul Schwartz Peter Kater Ray Lynch Schiller Secret Garden Suzanne Ciani Synaesthesia Terry Oldfield Tony O'Connor Trance Atlantic Air Waves Wise Hand australis


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