Review: 1st June - Eskimo Joe, Little Birdy, Bridezilla


3 Jun 2007, 11:21

Fri 1 Jun – Eskimo Joe, Little Birdy, Bridezilla

It was the first day of June and it seemed that the suburb of Enmore was already in the mood for winter. Left shivering in the cold whilst waiting in line, I couldn't wait to get into the theatre, not forgetting that an earlier ticket-swap with one member of a larger group meant that I was now in the front-of-stage section of the floor (For those who've never been to the Enmore, they split the floor in two to prevent major-moshing). This also gave me the added benefit of being right at the edge of the barriers, within touching distance of the bands about to play.

First up was Bridezilla, who based on what I've read, are friends with another band I've mentioned previously, The Temper Trap. Their myspace labels them as "Alternative/Indie/Folk", whilst I would say they were a bit more of an angst-ridden Arcade Fire. Their short set, The inaccessibility of their music compared to the pop-rock of the bands following and the lack of audience members even in the theatre at 7:30pm meant that not many got to soak in their music. Yet, with some great instrumental pieces and a real sense of stage presence coming from both the front-woman and the violinist, they look like a band to watch out for.

Little Birdy came out soon after, complete with all the bells and whistles expected of a headliner. Katy Steele rocketed out their biggest tunes, twirling the mic around her, placing her guitar on her head or falling right down in sheer ecstasy in between. It all seemed like a mix of one part Blondie, one part Karen-O and three parts glam-rock posing. But it worked overall, getting at least part of the crowd up and dancing. The closed the set with their cover of Six Months In A Leaky Boat orginally by Split Enz , a personal favourite, followed by Bodies, that left everyone on a high.

The stage was hastily set for the arrival of Kavyen, Joel, Stuart and their two touring band members. The lights were soon dimmed and as the first lines of Beating Like A Drum were heard through the theatre, the place erupted in cheers from the mostly-female crowd. As Kav moved down from a podium behind the drum kit to his rightful place in front of stage, the screen-and-light show, behind the band sparked to life, showing graphics similar to those found in their video clips throughout the show.

Provided that Black Fingernails Red Wine has not only made Eskimo Joe Australia-Wide-Superstars, yet given them a break into the US, the set mostly consisted of songs from this - their most recent - album (The entire album, minus Reprise, was played), with the occasional song from A Song Is a City and Girl appearing on the set list. However, Kav's clever, if not cliched, audience interaction as well as being an incredibly tight, well rehearsed live band and the power of songs like London Bombs and their biggest hit to date, Black Fingernails, Red Wine made sure that any peeves held towards the set were quashed.

They followed up their main set with two encores, the first consisting of a short cover of Crowded House's Weather With You after their own songs. The concert officially ended with their first major hit From the Sea, managing to get even those in the dress circle dancing. Although they certainly owe a bit to the likes of INXS, U2 and Crowded House, in terms of musical influence, the night proved that they're a pop-rock band worthy of their place in Australian music.

NB: This is my first attempt at this sorta stuff, so weird -isms and overall drunkeness is expected. Also, sorry for the lack of photos. I forgot to bring my camera, and my mobile is too low-brow to take pics. I'll remember to bring it to my next gig, promise. :)


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