• Rules of Being Human

    28 Oct 2009, 18:43

    First off, I need to state that I really love and am grateful for StumbleUpon. Internet surfering is best done randomly (somewhat), than aimlessly.

    Well now, with that out of the way, I'd like to share some simple sagacity i stumble upon.

    Through my own research I have come across these various philosophies before, but have never come across such a succinctly stated synopsis of these various ideas. I think these are profound concepts, which if keep in mind daily, might make life both more meaningful and manageable, by the simple virtue of changing ones attitude/perceptions/biases. At the same time, by inwardly accepting and introspectively contemplating these "rules" (dont really like the use of that word; its not something you must accept, it should be done on your on accord for your own benefit), your outward reality, or your understanding of it, changes correspondingly.

    By all mean, please feel free to add your own extrapolations, opinions, understanding.