an obsession - the cure.


27 Nov 2008, 10:42

**updated** on 5th of january 2009

The Cure <3

it's not a case of telling the truth
some lines just fit the situation
you call me a liar
you would anyway.

i've spent most part of the last year listening to this brilliant band you might have heard of, The Cure. its become an obsession really. and even though their new album is a bit of a disappointment, my love for the cure is still at a high. from Three Imaginary Boys to 4:13 Dream, THIS IS MY BAND.

my opinion about each studio album below.

Three Imaginary Boys(1979):- this is perhaps their only true "" sounding album. and even though the album has its high points in "10:15 Saturday Night", "Fire In Cairo" **update** and in Grinding Halt , it certainly isn't their best effort in my opinion.
My Rating: 3/5

Boys Don't Cry(1980):- a compilation album consisting most of the songs from "Three Imaginary Boys" + a bit of new material. it featured the mind blowing self-titled commercial hit, "Boys Don't Cry". my picks from this album would be "Boys Don't Cry", "Plastic Passion" and "Jumping Someone Else's Train".
My Rating: 3.5/5

Seventeen Seconds(1980):- this album started the progression of the cure from its roots to its more and doom laden sound. amazing amazing album nonetheless and certainly one of my very favorites. highlights of this album are "Play for Today", "M", "Secrets", "At Night" and the self titled song "Seventeen Seconds". for some unknown reason, i don't like the commercial hit "A Forest" from this album.. though everybody else seems to love it. oh well.
My Rating: 4.5/5

Faith(1981):- with dark moody songs like "All Cats Are Grey", "The Funeral Party", "The Drowning Man" and the eponymous "Faith", this album was a perfect successor to "Seventeen Seconds".
My Rating: 4/5

Pornography(1982):- is the theme that is omnipresent in this album. **update** not one of their best this is actually a pretty amazing album. really grew on me in the past couple of days. good tracks = like "One Hundred Years","The Hanging Garden",The Figurehead and A Strange Day.
My Rating:- 4/5

The Top(1984):- sucks. don't bother listening to this one. no Simon Gallup in it. okay it doesn't completely suck. The Caterpillar and Wailing Wall are decent tracks.
My Rating:- 2.5/5

Japanese Whispers(1984):- A compilation album of all the b-sides that The Cure released uptil '84. decent album in which "The Lovecats", "Lets go to Bed" and "Just One Kiss" really stand out as catchy tracks.
My Rating:- 3.5/5

The Head on the Door(1985):- Shedding the depressive musical stance, this is where the best period of the cure started really. With hits like "Close to Me", "A Night Like This" and "In Between Days", The Head on the Door ends up being a pretty good effort.
My Rating:- 4/5

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me(1987):- EPIC . Starting from "The Kiss" and ending with "Fight", this is one of their very best records. Every song is bloody brilliant on this record except for perhaps "Torture". Exceptionally amazing songs include "Just Like Heaven", "Why Can't I Be You?", "Icing Sugar" and "Catch".
My Rating:- 5/5

Disintegration(1989):- Another EPIC album. my personal favorite. no disappointments here. just play this album from start to finish and you'll understand what i mean. special picks include "Closedown", "Pictures of You", "Plainsong" and "Lovesong"
My rating:- 5/5

Wish(1992):- Hailed as their most successful work, Wish in my opinion is a decent album. Numbers like "Friday I'm in Love", "High" and "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" just keep on getting better with every listen.
My Rating:- 4.5/5

Wild Mood Swings(1996):- this one sucks too except for "Jupiter Crash".
My Rating:- 1/5

Bloodflowers(2000):- this is was a much better effort than their last album but i believe that this album was short on creativity. some decent tracks include "Bloodflowers", "The Loudest Sound" and "Where the Birds Always Sing".
My Rating:- 3/5

The Cure(2004):- baddd album. "Labyrinth" is the only song that stands out for me.
My Rating:- 1/5

4:13 Dream(2008):- Not a bad album. i particularly enjoyed the singles "The Only One" and "Sleep When I'm Dead". "Underneath the Stars" is another good track from this album.
My Rating:- 3/5


  • andythecurefan

    You sir need to listen to The Top once more. And I used to think like you about WMS, took me 3 years to get into it, but it's got it's decent tracks. Listen to "Want", "This is a Lie", "Strange Attraction", and "Treasure".

    28 Nov 2008, 14:20
  • aizy_87

    i only like wailing wall from The Top and even that isnt really an amazing trackm just a better than the rest one.. i'll check out the WMS tracks tonight defo.

    28 Nov 2008, 15:58
  • Irryco

    Interesting. : ) Not that I agree with you in all cases, especially not with Pornography, which I think is their best album so far.

    30 Nov 2008, 23:26
  • aizy_87

    eh thanks for commenting yo :)

    1 Dic 2008, 12:31
  • andythecurefan

    Good The Top tracks are "Shake Dog Shake", "Piggy In the Mirror", "Birdmad Girl" and if you must, "The Caterpillar".

    1 Dic 2008, 16:35
  • curedtc

    The Top is my least favourite but even that deserves a 3! :P

    20 Dic 2008, 22:55
  • aizy_87

    i tried hearing the top over and over again but i just cant get myself to like it >:(

    20 Dic 2008, 23:37
  • edupeixoto

    The Top is my least favorite too, but deserves a 3. [2] I liked your reviews, but how can you give a 3 to a masterpiece like Pornography? And how can you say that Three Imaginary Boys isn't their best? God. I know, I know, taste is taste... From Wish, the best track for me is A Letter To Elise. And didn't you forgot Homesick on Disintegration's review? :D

    4 Ene 2009, 4:13
  • aizy_87

    updated! :D homesick is a brilliant track and pornography is great too! three imaginary boys is a bit too raw for me :(

    4 Ene 2009, 19:50
  • JackSmith

    You should listen more often to The Cure (2004). I mean, it just isn't their best work ever, but look at the album as something new and completely different. This was their first album for years and with a new label. I think, that is why it is self-titled. It deserves it's name, because it was a new beginning for The Cure! But overall, I agree with most of your ratings. :)

    14 Feb 2009, 20:12
  • aizy_87

    i did actually give the cure (2004) another listen. but it still didnt catch my ear :( "the same deep water as you" is a 9 and a half minute masterpiece and i can listen to it all day but when i heard "the promise" i was like WTF. almost a waste of time album :( teh top on the other hand is an average album. not too good, not too shabby ^^

    15 Feb 2009, 7:04
  • JackSmith

    Well, eh, "The Promise" does suck. But what about "The End Of The World", "alt.end" or "Before Three" ? They're actually really good and I love the lyrics. And "Us Or Them" ? One of the loudest songs by The Cure, isn't it? Sorry, I don't want to convince you to like it, but I think it deserves a better rating. ^^ Oh, and by the way, the best "4:13 Dream"-track is, in my opinion, "The Hungry Ghost". :)

    19 Feb 2009, 15:36
  • aizy_87

    hmm i gave the album another go. i surprisingly liked "(I Don't Know What's Going) On" and "taking off". i'll give the tracks that you recommended another listen ^_^

    19 Feb 2009, 16:40
  • maldoror1975

    The Top is their top. It's like the White Album: a collection of brilliant experiments running in all directions, with poppy quirky tunes like 'caterpillar', which would fit perfectly on Japanese Whispers, or flanger bass letanies like 'The Top', bound together in a sort of 'magical mystery tour' kaleidoscopic trip. Deserves 5/5

    25 May 2009, 22:41
  • adrianorawa

    Interesting journal. After listening to it to death for many years, I eventually grew less fond of Disintegration. Sure, it's probably their masterpiece, but I'm kind of tired of it right now - can't even tell why. I don't see that happening with Pornography, though. Guess such raw, deep, cold despair can never get old. Oh, and I would rate Faith with 5/5, but that's me.

    15 Jul 2009, 17:43
  • CureVaNiNawl

    fuck the wild mood swings haters i agree about the top sucking though

    16 Jul 2009, 2:19
  • StEdith

    excellent journal. The cure are my favourite and always will be! and seeing as the top is being discussed quite widely, The birdmad girl is an underrated song!

    4 Ene 2010, 12:37
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