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Amon TobinKeepin' It Steel Ayer 5:37pm
Amon TobinChocolate Lovely Ayer 5:31pm
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  • hypnochicken's ok. I had a blast anyway!!!

    16 Jul 12:18 Responder
  • issadora1

    I am flipping brilliant thank you, went to the beach at the weekend and have come back with a tan, a painful tan but still...Hope you keeping well and doing what you do best (did we ever find out what that was)? Enjoy the camping and where are you? the weather here has been sunny for a while now, toodle pip until next time x

    15 Jul 20:08 Responder
  • c88mileshome

    Mentor =) wow what a compliment ♡ Am glad you're still in business xx

    14 Jul 19:12 Responder
  • arwensmusic

    Ah, Thanks Alan :) You are the first. How sweet that you remember ♡Hopefully you will stay somewhat dry. And enjoy!

    14 Jul 15:10 Responder
  • boscopud

    HiYa Sweetcheeks! It looks as though I missed ya(my face was still buried in my pillow when your shout came in). Have fun camping in the thunderstorms... =:-O ...away from the thunderstorms...? hur? - wha'?... I know with you it could go either way! safe and have loads and loads of fun, don't camp under the tallest tree, leave your alimunum foil hat and knight-in-shining-armour suit at home, be sure to wear deck shoes nuthin' more for avoiding lightening strikes. (sorry...I tried!) ;) Have fun and report back - preferably with new piccies!???!!! :) *MUAH!*

    14 Jul 14:00 Responder
  • agroangus

    Going off camping in the rain......Back soon I hope :)

    14 Jul 9:25 Responder
  • midliferickman

    50 years and more than 50 creeky joints and bones. My fine perfume has been replaced by rubbing alcohol and menthol rubs. Lovely lovely.

    12 Jul 3:56 Responder
  • c88mileshome


    11 Jul 0:51 Responder
  • i_love_amber

    which beach? .. just the address ... : ) ..

    10 Jul 8:48 Responder
  • boscopud

    Ohhhh MY, Sweetcheeks!That is surprising news! I can't beeeelieve they would throw out your adorable baby clothes!!! Aw shucks! Mean ol' won't let me see your baby piccies. POOHEY! Did your lil' outfits look anything like THIS? I can only imagine...& my imaginatin' is running wild right now. ;-} Don't feel alone, Doll. I had to pack away Louie's favorite onesie for the summer. Much too hot here OKland right now. He's just 'affin'ta make do with a more streamlined version of RAWRiness for now. ;) If it will make you feel any better, I found another baby piccie of Splooshie!!! Hope dat helps??? ;) xoxoO!

    9 Jul 20:13 Responder
  • hypnochicken

    .....everyone forgot my birthday was on the 4th.

    8 Jul 23:31 Responder
  • hypnochicken

    couldn't see the site but I'm just going to take a guess.....lots of sequins and rhinestones?

    7 Jul 20:15 Responder
  • arwensmusic

    Anyhow, it all looks still pretty much messy, ill and impossible but I'm more and more fine there where it matters most. The rest will have to follow suit :) After all reality is kind of a Opportunistic matter... Kind a.

    7 Jul 12:24 Responder
  • arwensmusic

    Indeed... Sometimes 'messed up' comes before 'cleaned up'. Here it's all still messy. Though, I guess, better messy at the outside than messy at the inside. They usually say that one needs to clean up and reorganise the outsides first to be able to let happen the same with the insides. Often that may pretty well be true. Sure it is. Though, in my experience, when certain things are messed up at the inside or simply being repressed or disallowed, that approach usually worked counterproductive... Maybe sometimes the insides need to come pretty much first no matter what.

    7 Jul 12:19 Responder
  • roaddog23

    Thanks for the add on

    5 Jul 6:17 Responder
  • i_love_amber

    for heavens sake you live in england... ( is this ok ..with the english ??)

    3 Jul 20:05 Responder
  • i_love_amber

    you are always looking so sweet, smart and cute ... : ))).

    3 Jul 20:03 Responder
  • i_love_amber

    hello alan,.... nice to hear from you. .... i am happy to have holidays next week... just laying lazy on the beach ..nothing in my head ..only clouds and blue sky ... kisses karin

    3 Jul 20:02 Responder
  • johnTMcNeill

    see there- we ALL missed ya! Drop by anytime. Life is- an adventure, a conundrum, a puzzle in the making- but it is sweet2ya, too! Make it happen and enjoy the ride. Seatbelt recommended...:)

    1 Jul 18:27 Responder
  • lilywildchild

    Sorry, was out of credit ;) I'm really well, thanks! As John would say...'Life is GOOD' :) really are getting into BoC these days...and you have hearts all over the place! Glad you're loving the tunes :)) How's life treating you? ~X~

    1 Jul 9:49 Responder
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