Quienes Somos?


15 Nov 2006, 4:40

Made a mix yesterday/today instead of studying. It's called ¡¿Quienes Somos?! (Who are we?!), and I intend to use it as a way to remind myself who I really am.

Here's the track listing thus far:

1. I'd Rather Dance With You

2. We Are What You Say

3. Last Ride of the Pony Express

4. Heirloom

5. La valse d'Amelie (version orchestre)
(La Valse D'amelie (version Orc))

6. Girls

7. Sunshine and Clouds (and Everything Proud)

8. Sympathique

9. That Right Ain't Shit

10. We Will Become Silhouettes

11. Où ?

12. Story Board

13. Asleep

14. Bryant Jones - Special Visit

15. Kids Will Be Skeletons

16. La Redécouverte

17. Pink Moon

18. Those to Come

I think I'm going to mass produce it and distribute for x-mas instead of getting cheesy last minute presents that I hate shopping for anyway.

Also, this is just a test, but is this song listen-able in its entirety on here? Let Go
...Yeah, hit preview and it let me. Wouldn't let me hear the whole song from the artist page for some reason though... guess I'm still a last.fm n00b.


  • thesquarerootof

    Dear Neil: I LOVE how this mix starts out with my favorite song of all time. That's always a good sign. Love, Lacey

    15 Nov 2006, 12:26
  • adventurerneil

    Well fear not, soon this powermixxzenachper (a new german word for powerful mix) will be on its way to you in Germany! <3

    15 Nov 2006, 19:13
  • falangy


    26 Mar 2007, 19:27
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