Wednesday - Song Info


15 Dic 2007, 20:27

"I just nicknamed it "Miðvikudags", which means wednesday...s, it was basically because I did it on a wednesday -- sometimes you don't know what to call them, you know. This is similar to me with "Öll Birtan" -- that it's like a little interlude and maybe shows where this whole tree came from, that it's from me being 18, or even younger - being ike 10, and having two rubbish tape recorders and recording my voice into one, and then recording on the other one, the tape recorder and me, adding a voice on top, and then back, playing with a teaspoon on an ashtray or something. Kind of just back to that, and there's no words in this one either, it's just gibberish." (Björk, XFM 25,aug 04)

Performed by Björk
Programming: Björk, Jake Davies

2004 - Medúlla


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